House Of Pain: Evolution – Time to lay a few points to rest by Harvey Dale

HOPE 3 Colwill and Dale 

It’s been a few months since the last HOP:E show and I must get a message a day asking “Is HOP:E still doing shows?” or “Are you bringing HOP:E back?” So…I figured it was time to lay it all on the line and answer a few questions so this can be put to bed once and for all…..

First of all, House Of Pain : Evolution is NOT finished, at no time has it ever been said that we would not be continuing with the product. We had an issue with the venue in Coventry (The Britannia Hotel), who 3 weeks before the show that we had booked for October last year sufferred some water damage to their main conference and banqueting suite which was where our show was booked. They did offer us an alternative room but the room was much smaller and in my opinion, the product would have suffered had we gone ahead with the show. Therefore, it was my decision to pull the show and give the people involved a fair crack at finding themselves an alternate booking rather than try to find another venue and come up empty handed. I also acknowledge some mistakes that I made, certainly with regards to the content of the shows initially, the bare boards match, as good a concept as that is, is not a suitable match for a family show and although we did give plenty of warning to all parents that the match would be unsuitable for children, in hindsight I would have to say that I made the wrong call, so would like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone who may have felt uncomfortable with the way the match went down. I think that Jack Jester is one of the most charasmatic performers in the UK today and am very much looking forward to having him back with us, all be it, under different circumstances.

Now for the rest of the story, anyone who knows me on a personal level, will probably be aware that I had a bit of a tough time in my personal life during the latter months of last year. I am not about to go into details of what happened as it is something that I am trying to put out of my mind and focus entirely on the future and to making HOP:E into one of the best products in the UK. This however was a major contributing factor into why there were no more shows booked for the remainder of 2013 as I felt unable to commit my full mind and focus onto the product and again, felt that the product deserved to be given 100% or we would undo some of the great work that we had done already.

I feel that I am now in a position again to concentrate on the product and have already sourced a new venue in a new town so 2014. I am also looking at a number of other options and am hoping to make an announcement regarding our future and our next show very soon via our facebook page that can be found at – I am also looking for a partner, someone who is enthusiastic and keen to be part of a fast rising British product and feels they have the time to commit to going 50/50, it seems more and more of the top promotions in the country at the moment have at least 2 guys behind them, taking the pressure off a single operator. If you feel that this is something you would be interested in then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via my twitter @TheHarveyDale or find me on facebook. We don’t need an awful lot of initial injection and input but having 2 minds working towards one goal hs to be a good thing.

So…where do we go from here? Those of you that were familiar with where we have gone so far, will already have seen that there are a number of scores to be settled in 2014, will Max Angelus be able to take the mask from the face of El Ligero as he has stated he would or will his losing streak continue in anything that involves The Mexican Sensation? What is going on with Robbie X? Now demanding to be called “Robert X” and alligning himself with Xander Cooper? I have a feeling that it will be down to Battle Squad : Awesome to adjust this young man’s attitude once and for all! Then of course there is a score to be settled between 2 of the UK’s finest and most under rated guys… CJ Banks has suffered twice at the hands of Joseph Conners and has challenged Joe to a “Best Of 5 Series”…. who will be the better man come the end of this one? Will T-Bone ever manage to get his hands on Barricade, who you may remember, not only attempted to abduct T-Bone’s girlfriend Melanie Price but also pulled his sister out of the crowd and left him requiring hospital treatment after handcuffing T-Bone to the ring…this one is going to get ugly!! And of course….what is to become of my old mate “Ruffneck”? I have not forgotten the pasting he inflicted on me back in October and still have the scars to prove it. As always….I am sure I will have a trick or two up my sleeve in order to get even!!

Watch this space folks…. 2014…. is the year of HOP:E

Harvey Dale