LCW Roses – What is it all about? By Robert Shade.

On 25th January 2014 a new era in British Wrestling begins as Leicester Championship Wrestling (LCW) who have a show on the same day open the door’s to their new sister Promotion Leicester Championship Wrestling Roses.

Female Wrestling in the mainstream has by and large with a few exceptions in recent years been treated badly in the opinion of many including myself, in the past twelve months though I have at first hand witnessed some tremendous female talent whereby in terms of technical skill, character work and the overall package that they bring to the ring they have been on an equal and in some cases surpassed some of the male wrestlers on the same show.

I can promise people who may not be familiar with the Female scene on our shores that there is talent which is more than capable of putting together a decent wrestling match, who can tell a good story and who will engage a crowd because they are every bit as passionate and talented as the guys around them and all that really is lacking for them in terms of showing to fans that they can do this is the opportunity, there are some other female only promotions about in the UK albeit a small number, some predominantly male only shows are increasingly including female matches or mixed gender matches as the conveyor belt of female talent within the UK just like the conveyor belt for the male talent is churning out an ever-increasing number of highly adept individuals who are worth their place on top shows so for The Midlands to have the opportunity to witness show’s where the majority of the UK’s leading female talent will be present is exciting and certainly something which Lockup is excited about.

LCW Roses match

So what is the story behind LCW Roses? How did it all come about? What type of promotion does it intend to be? What is the story of the link between Roses and LCW? Those and many other questions were put by Lockup to Martin the LCW Roses Owner/Promoter and the interview is in full directly below, please do enjoy!

Martin, thank you for speaking to Lockup, first question, what made you decide to become a promoter and why female wrestling?

It’s something I’ve been toying with for the last year or so. After researching and debating on whether to do it I’ve bit the bullet and taking my first steps into the world of promoting. I want to put on family friendly shows with strong wrestling and storytelling, showcasing the top female performers in the UK mixed with the rising stars of the wrestling scene.

I’ve been a fan of female wrestling for the last 7 years. I went to my first all women show in Ipswich in 2007/2008. I got to see international talent like Cheerleader Melissa, Wesnar plus English stars like Jetta and The Blossom Twins

Moving right back a step so that people have an idea of the person behind LCW Roses, how did you get into wrestling and at what age?

I first got into wrestling back in 1992 I was 10 years old., my parents bought me a WWF Summerslam 1992 vhs tape, the one that was at Wembley Stadium and featured Bret Hart vs British Bulldog. I have vague memories of watching it on ITV or Sky aswell.

Who were your childhood heroes and whose work do you really rate today from WWE/TNA?

My childhood heroes were the normal choices The Undertaker and Bret Hart, I also liked the strange characters like Raven, Mankind and Stevie Richards. My favourite female wrestler was Ivory and then later Lita.

I like the indy guys who now work in WWE like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Antonio Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and guys who’ve been around a while like Kane. In TNA most of the people I liked have left, Zema Ion has alot of potential.

In terms of female wrestling of the current ladies performing for the big two who do you feel is currently leading the way?

In WWE, I would say AJ Lee, she has had the spotlight on her for a while and has run with it in her heel persona. In TNA, I would say the women’s division has gone downhill a bit with the losses of their bigger stars over the years like Awesome Kong and more recently Tara, the division isn’t as good as it used to be. I’ve always been a fan of ODB, she has a good character and is over with the fans.

Do you feel that Paige possesses what it takes to make it onto WWE flagship shows and if so how far do you think she will go and what defines her to make her so different to the other divas on the WWE Roster that makes you feel she will succeed?

Paige definitely possesses the skills to make it to the main shows. She is already a NXT Womens Champion, the Diva’s championship won’t be far behind.

She is different to the current female wrestlers, her gimmick and moveset make her stand out. Wrestling is in her blood.

Back to the UK now, it is unfair to ask you who you feel are the current leading female wrestlers as no doubt you will have them booked and you don’t want to upset people! So instead what makes LCW Roses distinct from the other female promotions out there currently in the UK?

We all offer women’s wrestling to fans who want to see it. Like LCW the Roses brand will offer family friendly storyline driven shows mixing the top talent with the rising stars of the scene.

Do you have a distinct style in mind for your show’s as in are you looking to focus more upon the pure wrestling aspect or do you plan to make it a strong storyline orientated promotion or something else?

LCW Roses shows will have a mix of pure wrestling and storylines.

How did the relationship with LCW come about?

I had been thinking of running a wrestling promotion for a year or more, and after consideration I decided to bite the bullet and actually do it. I contacted LCW promoter John Shipley and proposed the idea of Roses to him, he was interested in the partnership and having it become part of the brand, and we went from there. Over the next year I hope to have cross promotion between Roses and LCW which will see some of the women take on roles on the mens show in the form of valeting or managerial roles.

Looking at your roster I can see that you have a mix of well-known experienced ladies such as Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm and most people will be familiar with their outstanding work but you also have lesser known names and ladies who are at a much earlier stage of their wrestling experience such as the LCW trainee Shauna Shay and HOP Trainee Felony, how do you envisage this mix of experience and raw talent will work out for you on the shows?

Putting newer girls against ones who have been around a bit longer helps the newer girl’s confidence and learn from each match. To people not familiar with women’s wrestling all of the girls will be new, so it’s a chance for them to get their name out to a different audience and get new fans.

Violet Vendetta has been receiving a lot of press lately about her WWE ambitions, she appears to be multi-talented both wrestling and managing other’s, do you intend to use her purely as a wrestler?

At LCW Roses she will be a solely a wrestler, but she may pop up on the LCW shows in a different role.

It is interesting that the monstrous Barricade will be managing the aforementioned Felony, what is the thinking there?

Barricade will be there to accompany Felony and support her like she does for him at House of Pain. They are a scary pair!

A lot of people will be excited that you have both Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm in the same match along with Erin Angel with the stipulation of winner enters the Rumble that you have on the same show last and the loser enters the Rumble first, this means that we have a two in three possibility of one of the big names potentially having to go through the entire roster during the Rumble to win it, good plan?

It is a good plan, it leaves the fans guessing who will get the all-important last entry and who will get the dreaded number 1 spot. All three wrestlers are top workers and have all travelled internationally.

I am excited about the prospect of a tag team of Viper and Jenna, both girls certainly pack a punch and are damn fine wrestlers to boot, interesting match that you have set up for them against Violet Vendetta and Princess Nadia ‘The Pin Up Princesses!’ Are these two teams likely to be regular teams to start off with?

Anything can happen, but Viper does have a tag partner in the form of Bete Noire, who will be wrestling in Japan on the show date, we hope to have her on a future show so they can tag as She-X.

Jenna could well be facing she-X or teaming up with them.

Violet Vendetta and Princess Nadia Sapphire have a lot of potential.

So the show has a main event of a 15 lady Rumble, is the winner crowned as the inaugural LCW Roses Champion?

We won’t be crowning a champion for a while. I want to build up a fan base first and then introduce a title tournament after a few shows.

What titles do you intend to have on the show?

In the future we hope to introduce a singles championship once we have built a fan base.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us about LCW Roses which has not been covered above?

If you are a fan of women’s wrestling head down to LCW Roses and show your support for the women and Roses itself.

Thank you so much to Martin for his time and for providing such an insight into what LCW Roses will hold for us.

We also thank LCW Roses for the use of the images in this piece.

Lock Up fully intends to be present at this inaugural show, this really is a superb opportunity for any wrestling fan to get down to Leicester and take in what can only be a superb show with the talent on the roster, if you are familiar with these ladies then you will agree with me and if you are not then you honestly will be shocked at just how good they are and it will further evidence that a lot of what the big boys put out on TV really is not a true representation of the female scene in the slightest.

Also where else can you can get to see two Rumbles in one day as both LCW Roses and LCW themselves have Rumbles on their shows!

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