Battle Squad: Awesome – What You Need To Know!


                Hailing from “The United States Of Awesome” ,Battle Squad are exactly that…Awesome! I felt is was about time that we introduced a wider audience to some of the major stars of House Of Pain : Evolution, seeing as tonight (22nd Jan) we will be revealing the date and venue for our next show and where better to start that with our ever present, most awesome Tag Team… Battle Squad : Awesome!

                Born out of the Dungeon that is The House Of Pain Training School based in Nottingham, these boys were always going to have a great future within our scene, “Adrenaline” Danny Chase and “Diamond” Dave Andrews soon became regular faces in singles competition in and around House Of Pain and on the UK scene as a whole. Trained by Stixx, it was obvious that these boys were going to be making waves and getting bookings all over the country before too long and while the bookings kept coming in for both guys individually, there was a time when we feared they may not hit the dizzy heights or be granted the opportunities with the companies and the crowds that DESERVE to be seeing these guys in action. Fortunately towards the back end of 2012…everything changed….

                A fan page dedicated to the mysterious “Battle Squad : Awesome” appeared on facebook, apparently managed by the ‘superfans’ Tony Smark and Roger Stevenson detailing the arrival of one of the freshest and most exciting teams that we were every likely to witness….and then IT happened….. seemingly with new persona’s and a mentality that was destined to take them right to the top, Danny Chase & Dave Andrews revealed themselves as Battle Squad : Awesome. Their first major test came at the House Of Pain itself, when as a treat for the fans in attendance, Project Ego answered a challenge and showed up to put BS:A back in their places…. but it wasn’t to be, with BS:A picking up what some described as a shock victory, the boys really cemented themselves as a serious tag team. When it came to the debut of HOP:E, Project Ego demanded a rematch and despite the arrival of “Spider-Trav” midway through the match, again BS:A seemed to have the number of Project Ego. Having traded blows with The Predators but coming up just short during a run in Southside Wrestling, BS:A have seriously hit the gym, prepared themselves and are now ready to take on all comers….. and in 2014… all comers means starting with the biggest….. PCW (Preston City Wrestling) have allowed their own Tag Team Champions, “Team Single”, consisting of the heavyweight pairing of Rampage Brown and T-Bone to issue an open challenge…..and BS:A have indeed answered that challenge!! With their new pal “Tasselman” (whoever that is) in tow, Battle Squad : Awesome are appealing for your help to get them the title shot they deserve….. I would ask that you take 10 seconds out of your day and please click on the following link – on this page, you will see a section called “Posts By Others” – click on the link posted by myself “Harvey Dale” and you will see their awesome video…. please help us out by clicking “Like” – this is a FAN voted competition…and EVERY vote counts!!


We thank you in advance for your support….this will take you no more than 10 seconds and could help show the world just who truly is AWESOME!!!