Insane Championship Wrestling (@InsaneChampWres) ‘Third Annual Square Go’ Fan Preview by Pixie


Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

The following is a fan preview of Insane Championship Wrestling ’Third Annuual Square Go’ by Pixie.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

Annual Square Go

30-Man Over The Top Rope Elimination Match. 5 Random Entrants Given A Weapon.

In a bid to win a shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship, 30 men will enter at random, 5 of which will have weapons randomly selected. In the end there can only be one man standing after all opponents are put out and over the top rope. There have been several videos put up online from entrants into the square go but the one question is, who has what it takes to eliminate all their fellow wrestlers and get their chance at the most prestigious prize in ICW today?

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

ICW Heavyweight Championship

Jack Jester (c) vs Fergal Devitt

Having created a media stir in the past few weeks since his match at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 8 where he not only wowed the fans in attendance but also those who seen footage after the event with his spectacular entrance but more so with the match itself, former IGWP Jr Heavyweight Champion Fergal Devitt now has his sights set on another championship altogether, the ICW Heavyweight Championship. Having wrestled several members of the roster during his many visits to ICW, Devitt and Jester have never locked horns, after an action packed match against the NAK’s BT Gunn at ICW: Reservoir Dogs in May 2013 as well as facing off against Wolfgang in September 2012 at ICW: Hadouken, what will Devitt be prepared to do to become ICW champion? Known for his fantastic wrestling ability and his ability to alter his style flawlessly depending on his opponent this match is sure to be one to watch!

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

30-Minute Iron Man Match

James Scott vs Joe Coffey

James Scott and Joe Coffey will face off in what will be a true clash of the titans as they battle for the unofficial title of “Iron Man of ICW” After their matches in previous months Joe Coffey has made it clear that he is a suitable challenger and challenged James Scott after Scott became the first person to ever make him submit. The pair will face off in a 30 minute iron man match at this Sundays ICW 3rd Annual Square Go! With a fantastic display of technical wrestling, fans will not be left disappointed but who will then go on to be known as ICW’s resident iron man?

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

Andy Wild vs Jackie Polo

After a shock return last month at ICW: 100% Shenanigans, Jackie Polo will step into the ring with Andy Wild which he has said will be simply a “tune up” for facing Lionheart in March at ICW: Still Smokin’. But will “Captain Jack” still be so upbeat once the “Unstoppable” Andy Wild is finished with him? With both men amongst the most talented wrestlers that Scotland has to offer, this match is sure to be action packed.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

New Age Kliq To Reveal A 4th Member

The. New Age Kliq will reveal their fourth member at the event which has had fans speculating for months over who it could be. Videos have also appeared online showing BT Gunn apparently embarking on a mission to split the Owens twins, videos which see him with a shrine to Kasey Owens and later we see him cutting up a picture of both twins before placing the half containing the image of Leah Owens onto a lit candle and being engulfed in flames, will the new member be Kasey Owens or will it be someone who can undoubtedly help their mission of taking over ICW? The only clue we have is the constant repetition from Chris Renfrew of “here we, here we, here we f***in’ go!”

Ticket Infomation

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Venue Information

The Garage

490 Sauchiehall St


G2 3LW

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