Dave Bodymore: Ring of Honor 18/01/14


Ring of Honor bring us another excellent hour of television this week that is main evented by the Television champion Tommaso Ciampa defending his title against Silas Young. The Nashville Fairgrounds is the setting again for this week’s episode which opens with action from the Top Prospect tournament. Andrew Everett takes on the unknown Romantic Touch to see who will gain the third spot in the semi-finals of the Top Prospect tournament. For anyone who hasn’t seen Everett before, the 21 year old is very reminiscent of the old ROH days as he produces some incredible high flying moves and he certainly deserves more opportunities on ROH TV in the future. Meanwhile The Romantic Touch looks and moves like Rhett Titus, as pointed out by Veda Scott when she came to the commentary table, who has been exiled from Ring of Honor since the demise of S.C.U.M last year. Everett gets the win after Romantic Touch took his eye off the match to focus on Veda Scott.

Before the next match we see a video package that shows everyone how The Decade formed and explains why Jacobs, Strong and Whitmer are angry with ROH. The next match was scheduled to be the last semi-final in the Top Prospect tournament but Jay Briscoe interrupted proceedings as he has yet to receive an answer from Adam Cole about his challenge. Cole comes to the ring and says he’ll make this simple so that even a dumb redneck like Briscoe will understand. He says that Briscoe’s belt is just a toy and that he, Adam Cole, is the real world champion and next week he’ll respond to Briscoe’s challenge.

Back to the action and it is time for the last Top Prospect tournament semi-final as Cheeseburger took on Hanson. Cheeseburger is a graduate of the ROH Dojo and was given his name by Charie Haas when he attacked him in the ring to make a point several months back. Hanson on the other hand is a monster and can move like a man half his size in the ring. Cheeseburger gave it his best effort but Hanson won the match with a vicious spinning heel kick to see him through to the semi-final.

The third match of the episode was supposed to be Adam Page vs Mark Briscoe but The Decade had other ideas. Jacobs, Whitmer and Strong came out to try and recruit Mark Briscoe to the group. Jacobs said they aren’t just in ROH as a stepping stone unlike Adam Page. Briscoe stops The Decade beating down on Page and the match becomes a tag match. Decade members Whitmer and Jacobs won the match with an inverted running powerslam/DDT combo.

Before the main event they played a video package recapping how Tommaso Ciampa won the TV title at Final Battle. In the TV main event Tommaso Ciampa made his first defence of his title against Silas Young. Throughout the match Young tried to use the strap that was used in his strap match with Mark Briscoe but Ciampa managed to reverse Young’s second attempt at a finish to win with the Sicilian stretch.

Before the match began Matt Taven came out and made his plans to win back the title known and he offered to shake hands. Notably Taven came to the ring on his own and it will be interesting to see what this means for The House of Truth.

Post-match Silas Young tried to attack Ciampa with the strap again but Lethal stopped him. Taven also came to the ring to help and the episode finished with the three men squaring off with each other.