2014 – The year of Extreme?

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2013 was an exceptional year for Extreme American Wrestling, a year that saw the rise of a revolution, the appearance of International Superstars Sabu, Doug Williams, Alpha Female, Red Eagle and Leah Von Dutch, not to mention the world’s first ever “Soft-core Match” courtesy of the ever entertaining Mad Man Manson.  But what is in store for EAW in 2014?

If my short but eventful time working with Nick Ashberry and EAW is anything to go by I can only come to one conclusion that anything and probably everything will happen.  Take the aforementioned Mad Man Manson, just when you think you have seen everything, out comes Mr Manson, and in the middle of EAW’s annual “Over 18s Hardcore Show” declares that the show is too violent and challenges his opponent, Diamond Dave Andrews to a “Softcore” Match.  I could not believe my eyes as these two outstanding wrestlers battled in the most unique match I have ever seen.  Bubble wrap was placed on the ropes, and there were of course the usual chairs, cookie trays and Singapore canes, however these too were bubble wrapped, it was truly amazing.

Of course this is EAW, where the surprises never end and out comes the strangest weapon I have ever seen in a wrestling ring, a Henry Hoover!  I kid you not!  Of course this was just one of EAW’s shows, Nick has been providing Family shows for over a decade and the popularity of the Promotion continues to go from strength to strength.

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But it’s not all laughs and giggles, EAW has provided their fans with some of the best matches I have ever seen, the ongoing feud between Ultra Marc Massa, one of EAW’s top talents and Stixx, a huge name in UK wrestling in his own right, has been compelling, the First Blood victory by Stixx at the over 18s show has only served to add fuel to what has been a tremendous back and forth battle that has provided no less than four epic matches, 2014 will no doubt see these two titans go head to head again, Massa has made it clear that there is unfinished business between these two and 2014 could be the stage for more epic battles between these two titans.

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The Fan favourite of EAW is undoubtedly Mister Monster, UK wrestling’s very own Astro Zombie, a unique character that is a favourite of kids and adults alike.  Mister Monster truly is a unique man, frighteningly comfortable in the confines of a cage, or surrounded by weapons as he is in straight one on one or tag team bout, Monster brings much to the table, it is no surprise that he has such a following.  A former EAW Champion, he will no doubt be at the top of the list when it comes to challengers in the coming year, will he regain the Title that was so cruelly taken from him in an outstanding Cage Match, by current Champion “The Dragon” Kyle Masters (albeit with help from the Revolution), only time will tell.  One thing is for sure that following the attack by the Revolution this week Mister Monster will stop at nothing and is willing to truly go to the extreme to regain what he truly believes is his, and put an end to the Revolution in the process.

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This of course takes me to the Revolution, what a year 2013 was for these guys.  Led by the formidable “Dragon” Kyle Masters, the current reigning EAW Champion, they have run rough shot over almost everyone in EAW and beyond this year.  They say that wrestling is not a business in which to make friends, and if you beat up Santa (Yes they beat up Santa!) you won’t make many friends.  Saying that the revolution is a tight group who need no friends.  Rarely will you see a match involving any member of the Revolution where you will not see the remaining members getting involved in some way.

The commitment to the cause of all the members of the group has resulted in the Revolution holding all of the Gold in EAW, with Masters as EAW Champion, Dan Darkstar and Andy Reign holding the Tag Titles, and Chris Tyler the Rumble in Rushden winner, Money in the Bank briefcase holder, being crowned Light Heavyweight Champion at the opening show of 2014.  The super talented quintet is completed by Eric Phillips, a young man with a bright future, nobody has put themselves and their body on the line for the cause more than Eric this year.

This could be the year that Revolution stamps its authority and dominates EAW.  However this could also potentially be the year when the Revolution meets its demise, Reign and Darkstar have a number of suitable rivals all gunning for their titles, Battle Squad Awesome, iCandy, Alexander Croft and Terry Isit, The Prime Time Crew and of course the Predators have all appeared in EAW in 2013 and are due
to return in 2014.  All these teams are more than capable of taking the belts from Dark-Reign, the question is, how much longer will Dark-Reign be able to hold on to the belts?

One of the standout talents of 2013 has been Chris Tyler, the New EAW Light Heavyweight Champion, following his victory in this year’s opening show this past weekend, is also the current Money in The Bank contract holder following his victory in the Rumble in Rushden.  As the year came to a close many EAW fans were wondering how long it will be before the lure of the World Championship becomes too much and he decides to cash in?

Would he dare to cash in against the leader of the group? And how will the others in the group react if he does?  Has Chris winning the Light Heavyweight Title bought Dragon some time? Or has it only fuelled Chris’ desire to be the top dog in EAW?  So many questions, but so far, all members of the Revolution have refused to comment.

The final member of the Revolution, Eric Phillips, is often the first to be thrown in the way of the groups foes, how long will Phillips allow himself to be Cannon Fodder, sooner or later he should be looking to gain reward for his sacrifice, reward that may not be forthcoming within the group? A former Light Heavyweight Champion, Eric knows how it feels to carry gold in EAW.  Will Eric need to step away from the group to realise his full potential? The revolution as a group set out their stall in the first show of the year with interference against Tommy Oliver, and attacks on Stealth and Monster.

Whether it is domination or implosion, 2014 is going to be an eventful year for the Revolution.

2014 also promises to be an eventful year for a favourite of my household, the former EAW Light Heavyweight Champion, “Thunder” Tommy Oliver.  Obsessed with the demise of Mister Monster and watching over his shoulder for what I believe is the inevitable “cashing in” by Chris Tyler, The champ, Kyle Masters runs the risk of taking his eye off of “Thunder”, who in my opinion is a serious title possibility this year.

Thunder is an amazingly talented young man who is as comfortable on the mat as he is in the air, he has proven time and time again that he can hold his own with anyone in EAW, although he lost his prized EAW Light Heavyweight Championship this weekend to Chris Tyler (following interference my Masters), this could prove to be the catalyst that will send Thunder on a course that leads to making a serious challenge for the company’s main prize.

I cannot talk about EAW without shining a light on the strong Tag Team division.  The main players of the division are without a doubt, The Predators, Joe Connors and Paul Malen.  This team are without a doubt the very cream of Tag Team Wrestling in the UK, and they have not only proven their worth as a team but have put in some solid performances in the singles division.  Malen came incredibly close to defeating Masters for the EAW Title at October’s Maximum Karnage, had it not been for interference by Tyler and Phillips it could have been a very different story.

Battle Squad Awesome are a team that are impressing in numerous promotions on the UK wrestling scene too, Diamond Dave Andrews and Adrenaline Danny Chase are both incredibly talented young men and are huge fan favourites at EAW.  They should be considered a very serious threat to the champions this year.

It’s not just the fan favourites making waves in the EAW Tag Division.  The often brash and arrogant tandem of Alexander Croft and Terry Isit, have all the quality in the ring to back up the attitude that they bring to every appearance.  Although it can be difficult to like these guys, you definitely cannot take anything away from them when it comes to in ring ability.  Often outweighed by their opponents, they are the perennial underdogs, but anyone stepping into the ring with these two would underestimate them at their peril.

New to the Tag scene are the combination of Paul McSherry and El Super Epica.  Not your typical partnership, McSherry is a powerhouse of a man, although opponents would be wrong to underestimate the all-round ring skills of the big man.  Epica, a masked Luchadore, has an arsenal way beyond that of other masked wrestlers, he is equally comfortable wrestling on the mat as he is off the top rope.  Following a huge win over Croft & Isit in their first outing, followed this week with a DQ victory over the champs, this unconventional pairing, not dissimilar to the WWE pairing of Batista and Mysterio, could well be the surprise package of 2014.  If the crowd reaction to this team is anything to go by, they could well be the Fan Favourites of the Division.

Lastly, the Prime Time Crew.  The last time we saw these two in a ring together they were at opposite ends of the “Chav on a Chain” match.  When these guys are on the same page they can be a match for any team, however the constant need to one up each other could prove their downfall.  Can they continue to co-exist or will they descend into another argument over “who is the better wrestler,bruv”  It is my humble opinion that these two will not be seen as a serious threat for the belts until they stop being a serious threat to each other.

Of course the action doesn’t stop there.  Early 2014 could see the return to the ring of Stealth.  Stealth has been absent for some time from EAW but fans will be eagerly anticipating the return of the veteran, his last match was a defeat at the hands of current Light Heavyweight Champion, Chris Tyler.  With the Revolutions determination to rid EAW of masked wrestlers could Stealth be looking to strike the first blow.  Of course true to form, Stealth is saying nothing, and we are left guessing as to when, where and against who, we will see the Masked Man again.

As well as a number of high quality matches, EAW uses the most charismatic and exciting wrestlers in the UK and Europe, providing fans with a fun, action packed 2 hour show guaranteed to excite the whole family.  EAW brings the feel of a big event, with the very best production values seen on the UK wrestling scene.  With an impressive Entrance, LED Lights, Lasers, smoke and Pyrotechnics, EAW brings its fans the experience of a Televised show right on their doorstep.  With all this and more, can you afford not to be a part of Extreme American Wrestling?  I didn’t think so.

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The action continues on Sunday 16th February in Corby and in Yaxley, Peterborough on 22nd February.  You can book tickets to these or future events by contacting EAW’s box office.

Don’t forget to look out for the Review of Sundays show from Rushden where I will bring you my in depth report from Ringside.

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