Dave Bodymore: Ring of Honor: 25/01/2014


This week’s ROH tv comes from Pittsburgh as we see some of the main matches from their ‘Wrestling’s Finest’ event on the 25th January.

The opening match of this weeks episode saw tag team action as Adrenaline Rush(ACH & Tadarius Thomas) took on Decade members Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer. Since Ring of Honor opened its doors in 2002 one of their main features has been the code of honor. Part of the code states that competitors will shake hands before and after the match. Thomas and ACH offered to shake the hands of The Decade but Jacobs refused, saying that Adrenaline Rush have to earn a handshake. Thomas and ACH gave a good account of themselves but eventually The Decade got the win with their team finisher ‘The All Seeing Eye’.

Match two of this weeks episode was the final of the Top Prospect tournament. Raymond Rowe had beaten Kongo and Corey Hollis on route to the final, whilst Hanson had defeated Cheeseburger and Andrew Everett. From their performances throughout the tournament both these men have bright ROH futures and they seem to have attracted the attention of Michael Elgin as he came out to watch the match from the entrance ramp. Neither man failed to impress again in the final but only one man could win and that man was the athletic heavyweight Hanson. His vicious spinkick claiming another victim.

The main event this week gave us TV title action as Tommaso Ciampa defended his belt against former champions Matt Taven and Jay Lethal. Before the match started Truth Martini and the Hoopla hotties came out to confront Taven. Truth says that Taven losing at Final Battle killed their lifestyle and now the Hoopla is dead. Matt Taven took the mic and said that if Hoopla is dead then Martini better hit the bricks.

The match was all go before the bell even rang as the three men laid in some heavy shots on each other. Lethal gained the early advantage after hitting 6 dives with 3 onto each opponent. Martini stayed at ringside to commentate but he could not keep himself from getting involved. He slid the book of truth in to Taven and encouraged him to use it. But Taven thre the book back to him refusing to return to his old ways. This gave Lethal an opening and he dropkicked Taven into Truth and rolled up Ciampa. With the ref distracted Lethal missed an opportunity to win back the TV title and Ciampa capitalised with the Project Ciampa on Taven.

A succesful defence for Tommaso Ciampa means that he will now defend his title on his upcoming European tour. He faces 2Face in Germany for wXw on February 28th and then Kris Travis for Southside in the UK on March 2nd. These matches are the first defences of the title outside of North America and will officially make the TV title a world TV title.

You can watch this weeks ROH tv episode for free by going to http://www.rohwrestling.com/tv/current