House Of Pain : Evolution – HOPE

PRESS RELEASEThank you to everyone who has recently helped us spread the word or recently shared/liked the page. This is going to be a HUGE year for House Of Pain : Evolution – HOPE and we are so pleased to have you along for the journey.

Last year we issued a statement saying that we would only be using “British Talent” for our shows. It is with heavy heart and a lot of thought and discussion that we would like to announce that we will now be including talent from all over the world within HOP:E. This is not because we don’t feel that we already have the very best talent available right here in the UK but is because we feel that both our fans and our own talents deserve the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of these guys in a HOP:E ring!

Therefore, if the right name crops up, we will endeavour to bring them to you and continue to put on the very best shows available.

See you all on March 21st.

Responding to the press release, LockUP co-founder Nick Mason, had this to say: “It’s great to see House of Pain: Evolution return to the scene after a little while in the dark, we look forward to witnessing the shows, and hopefully bringing reviews for you guys to read. This is a great opportunity for those who haven’t had the chance to face some of the best talent in the UK. HOP:E was ground-breaking when they lifted the lid on their first show in Nottingham, long may that continue.

We look forward to the return of HOP:E and we are all sure you will enjoy the return, too.

What do you think to the return of HOP:E, we would love to hear your comments.