Dave Bodymore: Ring of Honor 15/02/14


Ring of Honor TV episode 126 comes from Pittsburgh again this week as we see two more matches from their ‘Wrestling’s Finest’ event in January.

The opening match of the show brings out the mysterious Romantic Touch to face Mike Bennett, accompanied by Maria Kanellis. Veda Scott joins Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino on commentary for this match and, just like the first time he appeared in ROH, she accuses Romantic Touch of being Rhett Titus. Michael Bennett picked up the victory with the help of his lovely fiancé Maria. She distracted Romantic Touch who offered her his chocolates, only for them to be slapped back in his face allowing Bennett to hit the lariat into the Anaconda vice. Veda continues to question the integrity of Romantic Touch after the match and has to escape the slightly sleazy grips of RT as he tries to carry her backstage.

Unlike recent episodes that have had 3 episodes, this week the second match was the Main Event. In a three team elimination tag match ROH World Champion Adam Cole teamed with his mentor Matt Hardy to face Chris Hero and Michael Elgin and The Briscoe brothers. Before the match began ring announcer Bobby Cruise announced that if anyone was to pin or submit Adam Cole then they would receive a future World title match. Unhappy with this announcement Cole and Hardy tried to ensure that this would not happen by jumping off the ring apron each time any of the other four men went to tag them in to the match.

The Briscoe brothers are the first team eliminated in the fast paced, exciting main event as Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Jay Briscoe. Mark Briscoe, obviously displeased at the elimination, attacked Adam Cole before being escorted from ringside by ROH security.

The two remaining teams viciously battled it out before Chris Hero hit his devastating roaring elbow to the back of Adam Cole’s head and getting the pin to win the match for his team. By picking up the pinfall over Cole, Hero earns himself a future World title shot at an ROH event. Post-match Matt Hardy attacked Hero in the ring, but Elgin hit a perfect deadlift German on Hardy to get him off. Adam Cole tried to superkick Elgin but gets himself spun into the path of another roaring elbow from Chris Hero to end the show.

With that another ROH TV episode ends with another spectacular main event. As with the other episodes so far this year this main event doesn’t fail to meet your expectations and you can see it for yourself, FOR FREE, by going to http://www.rohwrestling.com.