@KamikazeProUK – Hostile Takeover Review

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Kamikaze Pro Hostile Takeover

So on the 22nd February 2014 I attended my first wrestling show as a paying customer and it was for the company who are making waves in the West Midlands in Kamikaze Pro who were debuting at the Collingwood Centre in Great Barr. Now this venue has quite some history with wrestling shows having recently featured New Scene Wrestling and hosting SAS Wrestling in 2006 until 2009.

To kick off the show we find out who had been put in place as general manager of Kamikaze Pro, and the management team picked the one and only, “The Man With the Golden Tongue” Mr. Harvey Dale. Now for those who don’t know Harvey Dale he has quite a reputation as being more favourable towards siding with the heels on shows, as such as his alliance with The Predators & Stixx. However he didn’t want his reputation outside of Kamikaze Pro give…

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