Chris Mutch: Extreme American Wrestling: A New Year’s Evolution Review

Extreme American Wrestling A New Year’s Evolution The Revolution Strike Again



As expected the New Year got off to an explosive start for Extreme American Wrestling in Rushden, where the Revolution began 2014 in the same way they ended 2013. 

Prior to the show EAW Chairman Nick Bourne, took the opportunity to showcase one of the EAW Academies up and coming young talents, Blake.

Bonus Match Super Koji                     vs.           Blake

                                                                                   EAW Academy Trainee of the Year 2013


Blake, the 2013 EAW Academy Trainee of the Year, was given the opportunity to step in the ring with the returning ring veteran Super Koji.

The two embarked in a back and forth match in which the early arriving fans were treated to a skilful performance by both competitors.  It was Koji who dominated the early going, however Blake fought his way back into the match with a strong performance that is a trademark of the young grappler.  The Academy graduate, utilised the training he had been given and forced Koji to adapt his style from his usual high flying offence, to a more technical matt based offence, which no doubt suited the trainee much better than his masked adversary.

The crowd seemed split between the grapplers, with half of the crowd supporting Koji and the other half supporting the newcomer, one thing was for sure the crowd were rewarded with a great show by both men.  In the end it was Experience that would triumph as Koji scored the 1-2-3.

The match was a great advert for the EAW training academy and I have no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more of Blake, and of course Super Koji as the year Progresses.

Champion vs. Champion

EAW Light Heavyweight Championship Match

“The Thunder” Tommy Oliver          vs.           Chris Tyler (EAW Academy Champion)

EAW Light Heavyweight Champion                 EAW Academy Champion             


As 2013 came to a close, the Light Heavyweight Title was the only gold to have eluded The Revolution, and as such, backstage prior to the show in Rushden, a challenge was issued by the group Leader “Dragon” Kyle Masters to the Light Heavyweight Champion “The Thunder” Tommy Oliver.

Always proud to be a fighting Champion, Tommy Oliver accepted Masters Challenge to defend his title against 2013 Rumble in Rushden winner and Revolution member, Chris Tyler.

Any time these two phenomenal athletes step in the ring you are guaranteed to see a match of the highest quality, It would be hard to imagine that these two could give any more than we have seen previously, but with the title on the line they both found another level, whether it was chain wrestling on the mat, high paced moves off the ropes or highflying from the top turnbuckle, this match had it all.

“The Thunder” was not willing to give up his title without a fight and gave one of his best defences to date.  Tyler, as a former champion, knew what it meant to carry the gold.  An amazing battle of skill and ring awareness ensued and it was near impossible to predict who would win.

As the battle reached its peak, Revolution Leader Kyle Masters, entered the arena.  With the Referee distracted by Masters, Chris Tyler saw his opportunity.  Still recovering from a previous attack by Tyler, Thunder stumbled in the centre of the ring, and as he turned was levelled by the challenger with the Championship Belt.  Tyler covered the fallen champ and prompted by Masters the Referee counted the 1-2-3.

EAW has a new Light Heavyweight Champion and the Revolution are in full control of all the Gold.


The Remaining members of the Revolution joined their leader and the New Light Heavyweight Champion in the ring. 


Revolution Leader and EAW Heavyweight Champion, “The Dragon” Kyle Masters, addressed the EAW fans, informing them that Tyler’s victory only served to prove that the Revolution were the most dominant force in EAW, that nobody was capable of stopping them, and further to this that they would continue 2014, in the same vain that they ended 2013.

He vowed that the revolution would continue in their quest to rid Extreme American Wrestling of those that “hide” behind Masks and Face paint.

EAW Chairman Nick Bourne then interrupted Masters informing him that tonight, all of the Revolution would be in action.  Their opponents…… the masked and painted wrestlers of EAW.  Firstly Tag Team Champions, Dan Darkstar and Andy Reign would defend their Tag Team Championships against the team of El Super Epica and his partner, the Mastodon of EAW, Paul McSherry.  Eric Phillips would defend the Annual “Stormin Norman Memorial Trophy” that he won last year, against Mister Monster.  Finally Kyle Masters would defend the EAW World Championship against the returning Stealth.

Nick Bourne wasted no time as he ejected the remaining members of the revolution and informed Dark-Reign that there match was next.

EAW Tag Team Championship

The Revolution (Dan Darkstar & Andy Reign) © vs.

El Super Epica & Paul McSherry 


Epica and McSherry set out their stall very early in this match, there is no doubt that this team is very unique and the champs would have faced very few opponents like this in their time.

The quickness and all round ring skills of Epica and the sheer power of McSherry caught the Champions off guard and even an escape to the outside didn’t stop the onslaught as McSherry lifted Epica above his head and launched him over the ropes onto the unsuspecting Dark-Reign.

It took some time, but eventually the Dark-Reign found some rhythm in the match, when they did they began to show why they were the champions.  Cutting off Epica from his partner they worked the smaller half team with a series of offensive tactics.  An early pin attempt was broken up by McSherry, although this only served to help the champs as, with the referee occupied with removing McSherry, they double teamed the masked man.

As the match progressed Epica fought his way back into the match, with the crowd getting behind the luchador he made his way to the top rope, however an attempt to stop him by Darkstar allowed Andy Reign enough time to collect himself and when Epica eventually did come off the turnbuckle, Reign had enough time to move, shifting the momentum back to the Revolution.

The crowd were increasingly noisy throughout and were willing Epica to make the tag as Dark-Reign again took control.  An enziguri by Epica allowed him to make the tag and the crowd erupted as the Power house McSherry entered the ring mercilessly slamming both members of the Revolution.

A huge show of strength by the impressive McSherry got the crowd to their feet and the match seemed to coming to an end as McSherry set himself for the F5, however this attempt would not come to pass and Dark-Reign looked to get back into the match.

However a second attempt at the F5 by McSherry on Andy Reign connected and we were just a three count away from crowning new Champions, as the referee counted, Darkstar entered the ring with a steel chair and broke up the count just before the 3.  The referee called for the bell and the Revolution retained their titles again.

I very much doubt that we have seen the last of Epica and McSherry in the Title picture this year, these guys are on hot form and the EAW crowd are very much behind them.

Ultra Mark Massa enters the Arena. 


Mark Massa entered the ring, and immediately took to the mic to address the EAW fans.  Massa commented that he was unhappy following his last match, a first blood defeat to “Heavyweight House of Pain” Stixx, the match was the fifth time that two had met in the ring with Stixx currently 3-2 in the series.  Massa continued by calling out Stixx, who he vowed to defeat and level the scores.

To the surprise of everyone in attendance, it was not Stixx who appeared through the curtain, but Alexander Croft.  Clearly enraged by the fact that Stixx was not in the arena, Massa set about taking out his anger on his much smaller opponent.  Massa dominated the match with a series of powerful moves and proved to be too much for the Light Heavyweight Croft, whom the EAW fans are more used to seeing in Tag Team action. After a short match Massa scored a pin fall victory and promptly proceeded to throw Croft out of the ring to the floor.

Massa again took to the mic, he stated that he didn’t know why Stixx was not in the arena, but they had unfinished business, he issued a challenge to Stixx for February 22nd in Yaxley, where he vowed to level the scores at 3-3.

He further stated that he would win the match and tie the series, and that he wants to find out once and for all, who is the better man.  He then challenged Stixx to a final deciding match at EAW’s biggest ever show Retribution XI, inside a Steel Cage. 

Annual Stormin Norman Memorial Trophy Match

Eric Phillips vs. Mister Monster 


This match saw a return to the ring for Referee Matt Wilson following a long absence, and what a match to return to as Eric Phillips stepped in to the ring to defend the Stormin Norman Memorial Trophy in a match set up earlier in the evening by Chairman Nick Bourne.

The match was very back and forth in the early going, until an underhand tactic by Phillips gave him the opportunity to swing the momentum in his favour.  However it wasn’t to be as the Revolutionary allowed Monster too much time to get to his feet which allowed monster back into the match.

Monster then took the match to Phillips until a mistimed assent to the top rope was countered by Eric.  With Monster tied up on the turnbuckle, Phillips took advantage, eventually taking Monster to the canvas for a very close two count.

Phillips continued to work Monsters knee and it appeared that he may walk out with Stormin Norman Trophy for a second time.  That is until he himself made an ambitious stride to the top rope, allowing Mister Monster enough time to recover and scale the turnbuckle himself. Monster tackled Phillips, hoisted him onto his shoulders and with a Monster Drop from the Second rope, secured the 1-2-3 and the Stormin Norman Memorial Trophy.

Singles Match

No 1 Contendership for the EAW Tag Team Championship

Terry Isit (Representing Croft and Isit) vs. Paul Malen (Representing The Predators) 


Although a singles contest, this match was a number 1 Contenders match.  The winner would earn a Tag Team Title Match against the reigning EAW Tag Team Champions at RETRIBUTION XI on April 6th in Rushden.

Terry Isit, represented the unique partnership of himself and Alexander Croft against the formidable Paul Malen of the Predators.

Many fans of EAW feel that a Tag Team Title shot for the Predators, Paul Malen and Joseph Connors, is long overdue, the Revolution’s Reign and Darkstar have been fortunate thus far to avoid the Fan Favourites.  However in what is becoming an increasingly competitive division, The Predators would have to overcome this one last obstacle to gain the opportunity that has thus far eluded them.

Despite his stature, Isit has proven time and time again that he is not incapable of taking the fight to his often bigger opponents, despite his exceptional ring skills it is often the brash cockiness of Isit that is his downfall, more concerned with insulting the crowd than the assault of his opponent, Isit has been known to snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory.

Tonight would be no different, the little man syndrome would be present from the first bell as Isit began to insult Malen before the initial lockup.  Both men would show there ring skill as they traded holds and reversals in the centre of the ring.

Isit attempted several times to match strength with Malen only to fall short, the crowd got behind Paul as he and Isit tried to gain an advantage, however he became increasingly distracted by the fans ridicule allowing Malen to punish him for his lapsed concentration.

Isit escaped to the outside to regain his composure, Malen then chased him back into the ring, it was at this point that we saw the real Terry Isit, he regained control of the match and scored no less than 3 near falls.  Once again the crowd got behind the Predator and Paul fought back, gaining a close 2 count of his own, the contest was far from over though as the two again traded the upper hand.

True to form though Isit began to play to the crowd, informing them “I am going to win this” as he took his focus away from his opponent again it only served to be his downfall, with Isit left lying in the centre of the ring, Malen had decided that his time had come.  He retreated to the corner and as Isit struggled to his feet, with the crowd cheering, Malen struck Isit with his patented Running Knee followed by the three count the crowd were longing to hear.  The Predators are Number 1 contenders, much to the delight of EAW fans.

Malen issues a Title challenge 

As the new number one contenders, The Predators are on their way to Retribution XI.  But it doesn’t end there.  Paul Malen had a challenge of his own.  He stated although it didn’t matter who was the Tag Team Title Holders come Retribution, that he had hoped to settle an old score with Reign and Darkstar of the Revolution.  With an already explosive card set for the huge annual event, including Stixx vs. Massa in a Steel Cage, Malen promised to give the fans “More Bang for your Buck” and ultimately challenged the champions to Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match.  This was met by rapturous chants of YES! YES! YES! from the excited crowd. 


EAW World Heavyweight Championship

“The Dragon” Kyle Masters © vs. Stealth 

The main event of the Evening saw Revolution leader Kyle Masters defending his EAW Title against Stealth.  There has been a lot of animosity between these two guys, especially with the Revolutions dislike for masked and painted wrestlers.

True to form, Masters jumped Stealth as he entered the ring gaining an immediate advantage, appealing to the crowd Masters asked “Is this the best you have to offer me?  The Champion” it was clear from the outset that the champ was not impressed by Nick Bourne’s choice of challenger.

Dragon dominated the opening exchanges as he beat Stealth from one corner to another, with the brash cockiness that is fast becoming a trademark of the revolution leader.

Stealth however is more than just a paper challenger and the veteran used his quickness and ring awareness to counter the champ, forcing Dragon to the outside with a number of dropkicks.

Not wanting to give the champ too long to recover Stealth attempted to take the match to Dragon with a suicide dive through the ropes only to be countered by Masters.  With the control switched back to the champ he began to work Stealth on the mat.  Knowing that Stealth’s main offence was speed and high flying, Dragon grounded his opponent and immediately began to go to task on the shoulder of his nemesis.

With the crowd behind him Stealth was not going to stay down, and as he was thrown into the corner he managed to slip through the ropes as Masters ran into the turnbuckle.  Stealth, much against his better judgement made his way to the top rope, hitting the champ with a missile dropkick.  Unfortunately the aerial attack appeared to cause as much damage to Stealth as it did the Dragon.

The crowd got behind the challenger once again as both men came to their feet.  The match had now swung in favour of the contender, however he appeared to still be favouring the shoulder that had been worked so skilfully by Masters.

As Stealth continued to take advantage of the champ, Masters proved why he is Champion as out of nowhere he locked in his patented Dragon Lock, although Stealth was not willing to end the match yet and he reversed the hold into a Fisherman’s suplex pin for a two count.

Having experienced an attempt by the champ to lock in his finishing manoeuvre Stealth attempted to eliminate the possibility by locking in an arm lock, Dragon however was not going to allow Stealth to take away his main assault and a with a tremendous show of strength reversed Stealth and slammed him to break the arm bar.

A quick suplex allowed Masters to take Stealth back to the mat where he took advantage locking in the Dragon Lock for a second time, with the damage to Stealth’s shoulder done in the early part of the match, it wasn’t long before Stealth tapped out and Masters was declared the winner.


With the challenger down the remaining four members of the Revolution made their way to the ring, holding down the masked man they attempted the ultimate act of humiliation by unmasking Stealth.  However before they could complete their heinous act they were interrupted by Stealth’s close friend Mister Monster much to the delight of the crowd.  However the numbers game would play its part as Monster was met with a 5 on 1 beat down.

As Stealth tried to assist his Ally he was savagely beaten out of the ring, with Stealth out of the way Chris Tyler announced to the crowd that they would now humiliate the Monster.  Not content with just removing the face paint as they have attempted in the past, Dragon began to cut the hair from Monster’s head.

They then removed the Face paint stripping Monster of all his dignity, removing monsters shirt too the Revolution were determined to show their dominance until they were run off by Super Koji and former Light Heavyweight Champion Tommy Oliver who rushed the ring carrying steel chairs.

As the Revolution retreated, a clearly angered Monster addressed Masters and his cohorts.  Vowing that he would gain revenge, beginning on the 2nd of March, there would the end of the Revolution.  As he stood in the ring with his Allies, he stated this is the Evolution.

This War has only just begun and the Revolution has been put on notice, Revenge of the Monster is now upon us, and Evolutionary uprising is in the midst, Retribution will no doubt be served upon the dominant group of EAW.

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