An introduction to Showcase Pro Wrestling

Showcase Pro Wrestling (formerly Scottish Pro Wrestling) is a little known promotion from Dumfries in Southern Scotland. From it’s champion and Caledonian cup winner James Scott all the way to the trainees who help with production and security everyone gives their all. With a diverse roster featuring talents such as Mike Musso, Viper, Local Hero Liam Watson and many more; Showcase is definitely one to watch north of the border.

After a successful show in August of last year which featured matches such as Nathan Black vs James Scott for the Caledonian cup as well as a trainee battle royale which was won by none other than the fastest rising luchador in Scottish wrestling today; Solar, Showcase is heading back to The Club in May and promises to be a great night for all the family.

LockUp caught up with promoter, Paul Geddes to find out his thoughts on the upcoming show and also his thoughts on local competition.

What was your inspiration when you formed Showcase Pro Wrestling?

My inspiration for getting into promoting was a love for wrestling and having seen the standard or British talent rising i felt that it would be nice to allow the people and particularly wrestling fans in the Dumfries and Galloway area to be exposed to the quality the scene had to offer. Our Local area has been starved of good family entertainment for a long time and its great to be able to offer them something new and something to do and get excited about.

Scotland currently has a booming wrestling scene, how do you feel now that you are a part of that?

I feel that Showcase can continue to grow and will become a very respected part of this magnificent Scottish wrestling scene.

It’s been said that many promoters like to have an area to call their own, what is your opinion on other promotions running shows around the local area?

We feel that we have a fantastic product that is only going to get better and slicker as time passes and our roster contains some of the very best the UK industry has to offer. We have really stepped up our game from the SPW days where we feel we were a little too green around the gills at times. Our plans for 2014/15 are huge and I am tremendously excited. We have no reason to fear other shows coming to the area. In fact we welcome the chance to work with others and finally give this somewhat neglected area a high quality wrestling product that they can rely on running events on a regular basis.

Your next show is May 31st what are your thoughts and expectations for that show?

When we return we have some huge matches with James Scott defending the British Heavyweight Title, Liam Watson (Dumfries own) taking on Nathan Black in a NoDq match and Danny Boy vs Liam Thomson, it’s going to be our biggest and best show yet. Also we have a massive announcement concerning our August event!

As said previously showcase is not one that you should be quick to judge based on number of shows they are a very promising company looking to expand wherever they can and offering opportunities to those who may be overlooked by other promotions.

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