Dave Bodymore: Ring of Honor 22/02/14


Ring of Honor continued their run of excellent tv shows this year with this past week’s episode which provided us with more action from Wrestling’s Finest in Pittsburgh.

The opening match on this weeks 2 match episode gave us high flying action from 2 young stars as Andrew Everett faced Cedric Alexander. Both men know each other extremely well from competing together for Pro Wrestling Xperience and it showed from the very start of this match. Both men came out of the blocks all guns blazing but both Everett and Alexander knew enough about each other’s moveset to counter and avoid being hit.

This match was the perfect example of the hungry talent that has graced ROH throughout the years, and is proof that Ring of Honor is still about young guys giving their all to entertain the crowd. Andrew Everett went for the 630 splash but missed and was hit with a vicious backbreaker by Cedric Alexander, who picked up the win.

This week’s TV Main Event saw, one half of the tag team champions, Kyle O’Reilly take on ‘Mr Wrestling’ Kevin Steen. Steen showed from very early in the match exactly how he had earnt the title ‘Mr Wrestling’ as he matched O’Reilly’s technical ability. Kyle spent the match working on Steen’s arm trying to set up a submission but Steen’s size and power advantage showed as he knocked O’Reilly back. Before Steen could pick up the win, Cliff Compton made his presence known from the front row of the crowd. With Steen distracted on the outside of the ring, O’Reilly lept from the ring apron and hit him with both knees. Kyle got him back in the ring and tried to get the win with the Arm-ageddon, but Steen turned it into a sharpshooter and got himself the victory.

Post-match Steen challenged Compton to come over the guard rail and see what would happen. Security tried to stop Compton and referee Paul Turner tried to stop Steen, but both men fought their way past and brawled in the ring. Steen hit the F-Cinq on Compton from in the ring to the outside. Steen set up a table but Compton turned the tide and hit a superfly splash on him through the table to end the episode.

Another great episode from Ring of Honor, which you can view for free now on http://www.rohwrestling.com. Next week we see AJ Styles back on ROH tv as he faces Jay Lethal. Also keep an eye out for a review of State of the Art from San Antonio and the 12th Anniversary show coming soon.