Kamikaze Pro – Hostile Takeover Review By Liam Shade

Featured Image -- 851hostile takeover posterKamikaze Pro Hostile Takeover was an amazing show.

It started off with who was the General Manager it turned out it was the man with  The Golden Tongue Harvey Dale.

hostile takeover mystery GM

The first match was Robbie X vs. T Bone. T Bone defeated Robbie X by pin fall then Ryan Smile and Daman Dunne came down straight away. They started to attack Robbie X because he has got the briefcase for the Kamikaze Championship and Ryan Smile is the Kamikaze champion.

Then the general manager Harvey Dale said unless they would stop what they where doing they would be suspended from Kamikaze Pro.

The second match was Bubble gum vs. Mad Man Manson (replaced the injured MVK Valkabious) the match was really funny. A kid chased Bubble Gum with a chair.

The third match was the Hunter’s vs. Tyler Bate and Dan Maloney, it was a tremendous match Tyler Bate and Dan Maloney were dominating the match and the Hunter’s won.

Next up was supposed be a fatal four way but  Marshall X could not compete as he was injured so we had Flash Morgan vs. Sam Wilder vs. Mason Conrad, Conrad was more of a mat wrestler he is from America and Sam Wilder does an all round wrestling style, Flash Morgan is more of a high flayer, in the end Mason Conrad won by pinfall .

Marshall X come out and attacked Flash Morgan and General Manager Harvey Dale said there will be no more of this and fired Marshall X.

The next match was the Magnums vs. Ryan smile and Damien Dunne, The Magnums won, so it will be The Magnums vs. The Hunters in the final of the Tag Team Tournament.

After the match Damien Dunne and Ryan Smile attacked The Magnums .

So the Hunter’s and Robbie X come to help and Ryan Smile was made to defend his title against Robbie X on the next show without Robbie X using his briefcase and Damien Dunne was suspended.

hostile takeover fallout

The last match was Pete Dunne vs. El Ligero and the match was great with lot’s of hard hitting action, near falls and demonstrating just how badly both guy’s wanted the win as the prize was a match with former WWE star Trent Barreta on the next show. in the end Pete Dunne won and is facing Trent Barreta on March 8th.

project k show

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