The Big Interview – With Ryan Howe and Ollie Harper

Welcome to Lockup’s latest interview courtesy of The Gorilla Report and Ollie Harper.

ryan howe

This week see’s the former WWE Tough Enough and TNA Gut Check performer Ryan Howe join Ollie for a chat all things wrestling.

Most interviews performed are with current or former legends of our great wrestling scene and those interviews are wonderful to hear first hand of great experiences and moments, of points in time that we all recall and to hear from the mouth of one of the combatants it always enlightening.

However Ryan Howe the former OVW Television Champion is a talented wrestler who has in some way’s fulfilled the dream of many boy’s by reaching both WWE and TNA television but then the nightmare side of the business when he did not quite make it.

In terms of the interview this make for an insight into the business, to the up’s and the down’s rarely heard elsewhere as Ryan Howe provides us with an insight into what it is like to reach for the star’s, just about touch them then fall back down to earth, this in tandem with some wonderful road stories make for an entertaining listen.

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