Dan Hallam: NXT Views: 10/03/14


NXT opened with a recap of last weeks NXT Arrival with clips of Zayn/Cesaro, Paige/Emma and Dallas/Neville.

Adrian Neville made his way to the ring with the NXT Title in hand for a match with Camacho. Neville wanted a hand shake but Camacho refused and kicked Neville in the guy and whipped him into the corner but Neville jumped to the top rope and came off with a crossbody followed up with an armdrag and locked in an armbar. Camacho fought up and hit a forearm and chopped away at Neville in the corner. Camacho followed up with a big slam for a near fall. Neville fought back with kicks and flying forearms and took Camacho down with a missile dropkick from the top. Neville went back to the top and hit the red arrow for the 3.

Renee Young congratulated Neville on being the new NXT champion and asked him to describe what it is like. Neville said he cannot describe it but last week was the greatest night of his life and that anything is possible because he isn’t the prototypical champion, he’s not the biggest guy, he looks like a hobbit and no one can understand his accent. You can question how he looks and how he talks but you can’t question what he does in the ring. He said that the best thing though is that now there is no more Bo. Bo made his way to the ring and congratulated Neville because he did something no one else could do and that is beat him but he didn’t pin him, he just climbed a ladder and took his belt but he’s got his rematch and he will be using it soon so he can bring the belt back to all his Bo-lievers.

An interview with Emma from last week was shown about her match with Paige. She said Paige is tougher than anyone she has ever faced but she earned her respect. Ric Flair showed up and said that the next woman’s champion will be his daughter Charlotte.

Emma danced her way to the ring followed by Charlotte who was accompanied by Sasha Banks. Lock up to start the match and Charlotte backed Emma into a corner, Emma ducked a clothesline and they went into another lock up. Charlotte took control but Emma reversed into a wristlock, Charlotte reversed out of it and hit an arm drag but Emma took control on the mat and rolled Charlotte up for a 2 count. Charlotte whipped Emma to the corner and ran in but was met with a boot, Emma rolled her up for another 2 count. Charlotte nipped over Emma in the corner but tweaked her ankle and Emma stood back as the ref checked on Charlotte. Sasha got on the apron looking concerned for Charlotte with distracted Emma, Charlotte nipped up and drove Emma head first into the mat for the pin and the win.

Yoshi Tatsu was in the ring as Corey Graves made his way out. Graves took the mic and introduced himself and complained about not being involved in NXT Arrival last week. He said that he has an issue with Sami Zayn for being included even though he hasn’t won a match for months and that if he had the chance he would beat Cesaro in the middle of the ring. Graves got in the ring to start the match but rolled straight back out the ring and told Tatsu to forget it. The ref got to a count of 7 when Yoshi went out after Graves but Graves sent him into the steps and rolled in the ring to win by count out. After the match Graves went back outside and beat down Tatsu rolling him in the ring and locking in the lucky 13 submission hold until Sami Zayn came running out to make the save. Graves left the ring and Zayn said that he didn’t know they had a problem but he wants to sort it out tonight in the ring.

Adam Rose made his way to the ring with a huge group of people, dancing and having a good time for a match with Wesley Blake. Lock up to start the match and Blake took an arm, Rose rolled out of it and rolled around the ring. Rose ducked an attack and hit a chop and moved to the ropes so Blake couldn’t get near him. Rose hit a kick followed by a shoulder block and an arm drag. Blake took Rose to a corner but Rose took him down with a double leg takedown, hit a spinebuster and finished him off with a big clothesline for the pin.

Corey Graves made his way to the ring for the main event followed by Sami Zayn. Graves went straight to work on Zayn beating on him in the corner and sent him head first into the turnbuckle and took him down with a back elbow. Zayn fought back but Graves took a side headlock and took him down. Zayn fought back to his feet and whipped Graves off, Zayn hit a series of arm drags and sent Graves to the outside. Zayn went for a dive but Graves moved so Zayn prevented himself from going to the outside and flipped himself back into the ring. Back from break and Zayn bit a back body drop, Graves fought back with a backbreaker for a near fall. Graves ran in at Zayn in the corner but was met with a back elbow followed by a crossbody for 2. Zayn went for the helluva kick but Graves hit him with a forearm. Zayn hit the blue thunder bomb out of nowhere for a 2 count. Zayn ran in at Graves but he did a chop block to take Zayn down but Zayn rolled Graves up for another 2 count, went for an arm drag of the top but Graves caught him in a firemans carry but Zayn reversed it into a roll up for the win.

Match of the Night: Zayn v Graves: This was a short match as all the matches were tonight but they had an action packed match.

Star of the show: Corey Graves: Graves just seemed to click tonight, sometimes he would work better than others but now he is working heel again he is so much better than when he was teaming with Adrian Neville.

This show seemed to be a reset point as it was a lot of new rivalries beginning after last week’s NXT Arrival. It was nice seeing the debut of the Adam Rose character who looks like he will be a lot of fun and it will be interesting to see him in more than a squash match in the coming weeks.

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