Dan Hallam: NXT Views 16/03/2014



NXT opened with Paige making her way to the ring followed by her opponent Sasha Banks accompanied by Charlotte and a picture of Summer Rae’s face. Sasha took the new Paige shirt and talked trash about it. Paige kicked Sasha in the gut to start the action and went to work on her in the corner. Sasha reversed an Irish whip and pounded away on Paige’s back in the corner, stomped on her back and went for a pin. Sasha locked in a chin lock, Paige fought back up but Sasha pulled her back to the mat then stomped away on Paige before choking her on the ropes, hit a snapmare and locked another chin lock in. Paige fought back up to her feet and ran Sasha back into the corner and hit some elbows to break the hold, hit a series of clothesline and took Sasha down with a dropkick allowing her to lock in the scorpion cross lock for the submission win. Charlotte attacked Paige after the match but she and Sasha made an escape as Natalya ran to the ring to make the save.

Sami Zayn was interviewed on his issue with Corey Graves. Sami said as far as he is concerned he beat him and the issue is done but if Graves has more of a problem he’s not hard to find.

The Ascension made their way to the ring to take on the team of Travis Tyler and Cal Bishop. Viktor took Travis down and tagged Conor straight in who hit Travis with a series of shoulder blocks and tagged Viktor back in. Viktor sent Travis to the corner and chopped him and followed up with a back body drop. Travis managed to hot shot Viktor’s arm over the top rope and tag in Bishop. Bishop choked Viktor in the corner but Viktor managed to get to Conor and made the tag. Bishop ran to his corner and tagged Travis back in and Conor brought Travis in the ring the hard way. The Ascension beat him down making quick tags and finished him off with the fall of man combo.

Mason Ryan made his way to the ring for a match with Wesley Blake. Lock up to start the match and Blake took a waist lock into a side head lock but Mason powered out of it. Mason locked in a waist lock of his own but Blake reversed it into a wristlock but Mason took him down with a firemans carry. Blake went to work on Mason in the corner but he stopped him and sent him into the corner himself and beat away on him. Blake went for a crossbody but was caught and hit with a big slam. Mason went for a shoulder/ block in the corner but Blake moved sending Mason into the post. Blake started working on Mason’s shoulder but Mason sent Blake into the top rope and finished him off with a big slam for the win.

Bayley was interviewed on about the WWE Network. Sasha and Charlotte came up and got in her face calling her a loser. Bayley stole the picture of Summer Rae and said that she’s not here because her BFFs are smelly and ugly. Sasha and Charlotte got mad but Natalya entered the picture and reminded Charlotte of when her Uncle Bret beat her Dad for the World Title.

Xavier Woods made his way to the ring followed by Tyler Breeze who asked if he could face Rusev instead. Rusev made his way to the ring with Lana while Breeze attacked Woods and left. Woods got to his feet and said he was ready to go. Rusev started off beating Woods down with kicks. He hit some elbows and hard shots to Woods and went for more kicks but Woods blocked them and hit some forearm shots to fight back. Woods used his speed to get an advantage until Rusev took him down with a Samoan drop. He followed up with a twisting slam and locked in the camal clutch for the win.

Colin Cassidy made his way to the ring for the main event followed by his opponent the former NXT Champion Bo Dallas. Bo took a waistlock into a side head lock and ran off the ropes and went for a shoulder block but just bounced off the 7 footer. Bo went to whip Cas off the ropes but he reversed it and went for a big boot but Bo ducked and came back at Cas to get picked up and slammed which was followed up with an elbow drop for a 2 count. Bo went to the outside for a break and got back in the ring to break and count. Bo locked in a side head lock, Cas went to whip him off but Bo kept hold of his hair and locked the side head lock back in. Bo ran off the ropes but Cas knocked him out the ring with a shoulder block. Back from break and Cas pulled Bo into the ring by his head from the floor but Bo pulled him throat first over the top rope and went to work on Cas with knee drops to the head and choking him. Bo hit back elbows to Cas, whipped him off and took him down with a crossbody for 2. Bo locked in a chin lock and Cas tried to fight up but Bo took him back down, Cas fought up again and hit shots to Bo’s gut but Bo took him down with a big clothesline for a 2 count. Bo pounded away on Cas and got another near fall. Bo hit shots to Cas’s head and hit another clothesline for another 2 count. Bo went for an attack in the corner but Cas reversed it and sent Bo into the corner, hit a series of clothesline followed by a high knee and a big shot to the face for a 2. Cas picked Bo up but Bo fought out with elbows, ran off the ropes but Cas hit him with a big boot for another near fall. Bo moved to the ropes and used Cas’s hair to gain the advantage and hit a big DDT for the win.

Match of the Night: Bo Dallas v Colin Cassidy. This was a show with quite a few squash matches. This was a bit long for what it was and had too many rest holds but was a good performance by Big Cas.

Star of the show: Colin Cassidy. Cas put on his best performance on NXT yet. He’s moves really well for a big guy and I can’t wait for Enzo Amore to return from injury so these guys can put on a great show in the tag team division again.