Kamikaze Pro Project K Review

project k show kamikaze project k covers

The first match was T-bone vs. Justin Sysum it was just about an even match.

T Bone won this match but thenMarshall X attacked Justin Sysum because he demanded his job back, he said that he will not leave the ring until I get my job back.

General manager Harvey Dale said for attacking him you have a match with Justin Sysum if Marshall X wins he gets his job back.

So the next show it is Marshall X vs. Justin Sysum.

The Bhangra Knights vs. Battle Squad Awesome was both a technical and comedy match that was entertaining and ended up with the Bhangras getting the pin.

The next match was Tommaso Ciampa defending his ROH TV Title against the giant Welshmen Eddie Dennis. kamikaze project k

In the match the inflatable sheep died. Bit of background here, there is a tradition at Kamikaze show’s where when Eddie Dennis is on the crowd hold up inflatable sheep to taunt the gigantic Welshmen from the valley’s, usually this is all very good humoured but on this occasion Mr Dennis savaged the sheep leaving a trail of inflatable wool.

 The winner was Tommaso Ciampa and he retained his championship.

The next match was Stixx vs. Rick Van Damage (RVD) , RVD is an amazing wrestler, this was the first time that I have seen him, the winner of the match was Stixx.

The next match was Ryan Smile vs. Robbie X, it was an amazing match, in the end Ryan Smile won and retained his title ‘The Kamikaze Championship’, then Ryan Smile attacked Robbie X and then the General Manager Harvey Dale came out and said for attacking Robbie X you will face MVK Valkibious for your title.

The final match was Trent Barreta vs. Pete Dunne and Pete Dunne won what was a battle all over the arena which brought out possibly a career defining performance from the local youngster Pete Dunne.