Dan Hallam: NXT Views 31/03/2014


NXT opened with a video package showing the rivalry between Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas leading to their NXT Title rematch tonight.

The opening contest of the night was Mojo Rawley taking on CJ Parker. This match saw CJ take control early and work on Mojo with right hands and kicks. Mojo tried to make a comeback but missed a splash in the corner which allowed CJ to take him down with a clothesline for a near fall. CJ continued his offence until Mojo made his comeback with 2 splashes in the corner, a rear view and his hyper drive finisher for the pin. I feel that Mojo is a great character to get the crowd going to start a show as his entrance is so full of energy and gets the fans on their feet. CJ Parker just doesn’t seem to be clicking with the crowd in his heel persona but he wasn’t clicking as a baby face either. Maybe CJ Parker needs reinventing and taking away from the hippie gimmick all together.

There was a video package on Corey Graves attacking Sami Zayn last week and Zayn being checked over by the doctors, they will face off next week in a match I am quite looking forward to myself.

Up next was a match which was meant to take place on NXT Arrival but never happened because of Alexander Rusev attacking both men as Xavier Woods took on Tyler Breeze. This match saw Breeze in control from the early going with Woods getting some nice reversals leading to some nice near falls. Breeze took control again mid-match but Woods made a comeback leading up to him signalling for the honour roll but Breeze rolled out the way and hit the beauty shot kick to score the win. I feel that since Woods has been moved up to the main roster he has lost what was making him so good, he has been given Brodus Clays gimmick and had his 90s guy gimmick toned down which is hurting him and he just looks like another guy now who is lost in the mid card. I do have to say that I love the Tyler Breeze character. The selfie king who won’t let anyone touch his face in a match and the cat walk style entrance is just fantastic. I really hope they don’t change his character and it works when he eventually gets called up to the main roster.

Corey Graves was in action next with Yoshi Tatsu. This match saw Graves in control for most the match, Yoshi got some offence in early but Graves went to work on his legs and quickly made him tap with the lucky 13 submission. Graves has really improved lately. The rivalry with Graves and his heel persona has brought the best out of him.

The Divas were in action next as Charlotte with Sasha Banks was taking on Natalya with Bret Hart in her corner. This was a brilliant Divas match as always on NXT. It saw both the girls get a good amount of offence in for a very enjoyable match which made Charlotte look really good. The match ended with Natalya going for the sharp shooter and Banks running in to cause the DQ. It looks like Charlotte is being built up to be the next challenger to Paige’s NXT Womens Title and she has been working really well as of late. I like that she is being referred to as the dirtiest Diva in the game and using the figure 4 leg lock in her move set to pay homage to her father. It was nice to see this end in a DQ which is not something I think very often but Natalya has been on the losing end to most the NXT Divas lately and it is great that she is there helping the girls but she needs to not lose all the time or she’ll just look very weak against the rookie Divas.

In the main event of the evening Bo Dallas was using his rematch to challenge for the NXT Title against Adrian Neville. This was a nice match that made sense. Both guys got a lot of offence in and showed what they could do. It was nice to see when Bo rolled out the ring when Neville was on the top rope he just turned and dove to the outside instead of just not doing what he originally did. As the match was coming to an end Bo reversed the Red Arrow by putting his knees up for a great near fall and Neville unleashed a new moved to retain the title which I can only describe as a reverse 450 splash. Neville has been putting on great matches as of late and is coming into his own as NXT Champion. I know he’s not the greatest talker but he is showing his skills in the ring every week. I’m not sure what’s next for Bo. He has had his run on top of NXT and will move on to another rivalry but he has been great with his over the top nice guy heel persona. He didn’t really click as a face but as a heel he has been brilliant over the past few months.