Dan Hallam: WWE turns the Paige


Earlier in the week I looked at the guys and girls who have moved up from NXT to the main roster in the past 18 months. I wrote that column on Monday afternoon and then woke up Tuesday morning to find that Alexander Rusev made his in ring debut (if you don’t count the Royal Rumble), Adam Rose and Bo Dallas had vignettes on Raw introducing them to the main audience and most importantly Paige made her main roster debut.

I wrote on Monday “I hope characters like Tyler Breeze, Paige, Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville can show what they can do” and on Monday night Paige was able to do this. She came to the ring to congratulate AJ Lee on retaining her title the night before at WrestleMania 30 and this led to AJ insulting Paige and challenging her to a match where the Divas Title would be on the line. A few minutes later Paige fought out of the black widow submission hold and reversed it into her Paige Turner neckbreaker to become the new Divas Champion.

This was a brilliant way to bring probably the best in ring Diva to the main roster and get her over in one night. Paige and busted her ass for the past few years in NXT and deserves nothing less. The fans of NXT have wanted Paige on the main roster for a long time. I was in attendance last April for WrestleMania 29 and Raw the following night and I could see signs that read ‘We Want Paige’ and I had the pleasure of meeting her as she walked around amongst the fans at WM Axxess. I saw memes made last year when Summer Rae debuted on the Raw from London England last year about how it should have been Paige making her debut but you can’t change it now.

Paige debuted in the best way possible. It was on the biggest Raw of the year in front of a crowd which is always full of British fans; she won the Divas title and instantly became a star. Paige has also set several records this week as she became the youngest Divas Champion, she became the first person to be born in the 1990s to win any WWE Championship, she is the first person to hold a Championship on both WWE and NXT simultaneously and this week she became the longest reigning Champion of any NXT Title in history.

I feel so proud of Paige doing so much at such a young age and being one of the best in ring Divas today. I look forward to what the future holds for her on the main roster and really hope they continue to let her wrestle and have great matches with the likes of AJ Lee, Natalya, Emma, Summer Rae, Bella Twins and the other talented Divas on the roster.