Shade’s Weekly Shoot On Wrestling


I was pleasantly surprised to the positive reaction to my initial weekly thoughts on the scene last week so thank you all for reading my words and following my thoughts and I hope that this week I can do my best to put across a similarly constructive piece.

Last week I think many people agree was one of the hottest week’s in wrestling history, so much happened and so much of it major history making moments, some good and of course some bad.

This week has not surprisingly been far quieter so I shall focus initially on a story from last week which I failed to mention then due to so much other stuff to discuss and then I also aim to talk about a show that I am attending this weekend and a show which I am not!

So last week Jeff Jarrett announced his new promotion entitled ‘Global Force Wrestling’ which no doubt will become abbreviated to GFW.

I am excited beyond belief about this as I am firmly of the opinion that you can never ever have too much competition provided that it does not step on each other’s territorial toes.

If GFW comes off – and I feel that there are way too many people jumping the gun on this one, I have seen numerous Social Media comments along the lines of TNA are in strife now with GFW a coming, well ladies and gentlemen are they really?

Currently GFW is a name, it has a name behind it in Jarrett who is a much respected figure in the industry, however Jarrett sold shares in TNA as in controlling shares to the Carter family due to lack of finances to take TNA any further, so what happens this time?

Jeff Jarrett assumingly builds a decent roster and then he starts putting out shows, the format of the shows I am guessing from the likely names linked with GFW will be more along the lines of a traditional indy show than a traditional televised show meaning therefore we are likely to be treated to a series of quick moving, high paced matches some of which will be of a hardcore nature and some will be themed matches such as cage matches.

I’d expect the format to end up being similar to the original TNA with match types resembling the former X Division and perhaps a six sided ring and that is where I feel potentially any threat to TNA will come from as so many TNA fans, myself included hold a strong desire for TNA to return to it’s root’s and if a rival promotion basically digs up TNA’s root’s for them then that could become the issue for TNA as fans would watch GFW then in droves particularly if names such as AJ Styles and Jay Lethal were involved.

The big question for GFW though will be do they have a television contract lined up?

If no big television contract then what will make them any different, or better or bigger than ROH let alone challenging TNA?

Talking about showing respect to other people’s territory I notice that Revolution Pro Wrestling are planning a show in Aston University in the Birmingham area soon, whilst acknowledging that the show is likely to be of a good quality in my book this is absolutely wrong, there are already a number of very good promotions running in Birmingham and for RevPro who are based in The South ordinarily to try and muscle in on other people’s patches, people who have worked both hard and honestly to build up their own promotions and who are putting out consistently good shows is not classy behaviour in the slightest.

As mentioned previously competition is all well and good but respect has to be shown for others and in my opinion no respect at all is being shown here for the local promotions, if you disagree so be it we live in a democracy and you have the right but I ask the question in reverse, how would RevPro react if on their next big show day in Kent if on the same day at the same time say 5 miles away another company a sizeable one such as ICW or Progress ran a show on their patch, what would the RevPro reaction be?

This coming weekend are two shows I would like to mention one is on Sunday which is the House Of Pain Academy show in Arnold,Notts.

I would strongly recommend any wrestling fan to attend this one, the quality of trainees coming through the HOP academy is superb and is an ever increasing conveyor belt of young British talent that is slowly seeping onto other promotions – sadly I cannot attend myself due to looking after my infant aged son however my teenage son and his mum are attending so I am sure I’ll hear how it all goes.

On Friday night it is the House Of Pain: Evolution show in Mansfield, this is the second comeback show since their break and it looks like a superb card, HOP:E is a promotion close to my heart as it stands for a lot of what I believe in namely the use of local talent and British talent with only the very occasional import and it’s link to the HOP academy is strong hence the inclusion in the name as HOP:E allows opportunity’s to HOP trainees that will aid their development and recognition on the British scene.

It is ran by my good friend Harvey Dale,it is a promotion I came close to making a financial investment in recently and I help with the running of the Facebook page and my faith in it and its aims is powerful and I would seriously recommend to anybody at a loose end on Friday to attend this show, the last one was close to a sell out and this one looks like it is even more likely to sell out so please check out the HOP:E Facebook page for ticket updates but if it is possible then do not miss out you will miss a treat.

Joseph Connors one of the best HOP trainees to come out of the academy is currently engaged with CJ Banks on HOP:E in a best of five match series which is set to exhibit the skills between a real up and comer in Connors and an already established top level performer in Banks, this is a fascinating series which will clearly showcase just how far Connors has come and indeed will allow fans as the series progresses over a period of time to take on board his continued development during the course of the series.

Also on the card is a clash between Kaleb Hughes and Barricade, two talents who incidentally you can find full detailed profile’s of on Lockup’s site in our ‘Ones To Watch’ series.

Kaleb Hughes is to me a talent who always offers you a solid performance, a sound technical wrestler who packs a punch and who has the look against Barricade who is an absolute monster and typically destroy’s all comers so Kaleb will have to remain a step ahead.

The rest of the card is solid, I do not intend my column to become a preview for shows more of an insight into what a show has to offer but another match which I cannot wait to see more for it’s potential comedy value is the tag match between two HOP teams, Battle Squad Awesome who recently debuted on PCW and I Candy who are to put it succinctly ‘hilarious’.

HOP:E have announced future shows in Mansfield and Derby and I know are also looking for venues elsewhere so keep an eye on the Facebook page, you may well found them popping up very close to you!

In WWE this week we saw the reformation of Evolution who are now going into conflict with The Shield, this should be off the wall, we have now in direct competition one of the better factions in Wrestling history going against a very hot current faction who also in time will go down as one of the very best in history, all six guys involved can still go so this will be absolutely amazing I am sure!

Daniel Bryan was absent from RAW seemingly because he is on his honeymoon, I wonder who he will face at Extreme Rules as Evolution vs The Shield will occupy the main number one contenders, will it be Kane who is now back behind that evil red mask?

Next week I shall let you all know what I thought about the HOP:E show, my feedback from the HOP show, my thoughts building up to Kamikaze Pro that I intend to attend the following weekend and also if I am attending the Southside double show in Nottingham a week on Saturday.

Along with this I shall offer my thoughts on WWE events and whatever else is cracking off.

Finally to let you all know as this is a blog I have two pieces of personal good news, one being that Scott Mack has kindly asked me to co-admin the superb British Wrestling Nation page on Facebook.

This is a page for those in the business to share resources, ideas and to promote themselves, we ask those on it to behave with professionalism and to the credit of all involved that is traditionally the case.

Also I have been able to obtain paid written work writing about WWE for a site I used to write for who I did have a fall out with but now we have sorted those differences out and I have agreed to write for them again so please look out for those popping up on my Facebook and elsewhere and when you do please do take a read and share etc it all helps.

I intend to continue with this weekly blog on Lockup as I have freedom on here to express my honest thoughts on the scene, on What Culture it will be more of a professional style of writing on assignments given to me by the editor, the first one should be out soon and it is about the ten films that WWE have never made but perhaps should have done and which superstars would I use for these films and in what roles so I hope that you do enjoy that once it is out.

So until next week adiós, thank you for reading this and please do feel free to comment, share and like to your heart’s content!!

Until the next time……..