Dan Hallam: NxT views 25/04/14


NXT opened with Paige walking backstage, JBL told her that she’s done a great job as champion but the NXT Womens championship should be defended on NXT and not on Raw and Smackdown. Paige wasn’t happy but accepted it and handed over the belt.

Lana introduced Alexander Rusev for a match with Travis Tyler. Tyler hit a dropkick but then Rusev took control and beat Travis down and made him tap to the camel clutch for the quick win. It would be nice to see Rusev in something other than a squash match to see what he can do in a longer match.

Adam Rose was interviewed with his posse with him. He called Camacho a party pooper and told him “don’t be a lemon, be a rose bud”. I am loving the Adam Rose character as it’s just such a fun gimmick.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte came to the ring for a tag match with Emma and her mystery partner who was revealed to be Paige. I love how great the divas matches are on NXT and I wish this would be allowed to happen on Raw and Smackdown. I like how Charlotte pays homage to her father with the little things she does, this week she stumbled out of the corner and front bumped in the classic Ric Flair way. Emma had a good showing and has such a fun move set with monkey flips and worked well as the babyface in peril. Paige was on fire when she got the hot tag but was soon taken out with Charlotte’s finisher which doesn’t have a name for the BFFs to pick up the win.

Tyson Kidd made his way to the ring followed by his opponent Mason Ryan. This match was very back and forth with Kidd using his speed and Mason using his strength to slow him down. Mason took his time near the end which allowed Kidd to avoid an attack and go to the top to hit a blockbuster neckbreaker for the win. Renee Young interviewed Kidd after the match and he said that this is the rebirth of Tyson Kidd and NXT is the place to be. It’s nice to see Kidd being allowed to wrestle and being giving some mic time as well. He is always described as the work horse of WWE and it’s nice to see him being featured and I hope he is allowed to do so on the main roster again soon.

Angelo Dawkins made his way to the ring followed by his opponent Tyler Breeze. Dawkins started out quick to gain the advantage but Breeze quickly brought his aggressive side out to take control. I like the character work on Breeze where he doesn’t want people touching his face or hair because he’s a model. Breeze quickly hit the beauty shot kick for the win. Dawkins seemed an interesting character as he came to the ring in a checked shirt, back pack and beanie hat on and danced around the ring. It seemed an off way to introduce a new character having him lose so quick. It’ll be interesting to see if Dawkins is used more often or if this was a one off.

The main event for the week was Corey Graves and The Ascension taking on Sami Zayn and The Usos. The match started out with The Usos and Zayn taking control or Viktor keeping him on their side of the ring and making quick tags to keep them in control. Viktor hit a hig clothesline on Jey Uso to gain the advantage and tagged Connor in. Back from break and Connor was still in control of Jey and brought Graves into the match. Jey hit a hit back suplex on Viktor and went for the tag but Connor got in and stopped it. Jey fought back and made the tag to his brother who went to work on Viktor. Connor came in and Jimmy took him out and continued working over Viktor. Graves tagged himself in but Jimmy rolled him up for a 2, made the tag to Zayn and he came off the top with a big crossbody. Zayn hit blue thunder on Graves for 2 when The Ascension broke it up, The Ascension was taken out and Zayn hit the helluva kick on Graves and made the tag. Zayn and Jimmy Uso both hit a dive to the outside taking out the Ascension and Jimmy Uso hit a big splash on Graves for the win. This was a really fun 6 man tag. The Ascension do seem to be improving and not getting mixed up with who is the legal man like they have in the past. It’s nice to see a great tag team like the Usos come to NXT and team up with one of the most popular NXT starts in Sami Zayn and put on a great showing.