Dan Hallam: NXT Views 03/05/14


NXT opened with Triple H in the ring and he announced a live 2 hour special for 22nd May called NXT Takeover. This event has a lot to live up to after how amazing NXT Arrival was.

The opening match of the night saw Tyson Kidd taking on Bo Dallas. Bo had new inspirational music and video which goes with his Bolieve gimmick. The match started off with chain wrestling which saw Kidd gain the advantage and take control with a suplex and went to the top but Bo rolled out the ring. Tyson went after him which allowed Bo to take control. Tyson fought back with a series of kicks for a near fall but Bo cut him off with a belly to belly suplex. Bo hit a big bulldog for a 2 and argued with the ref. Tyson came back with more kicks and hit a blockbuster off the top to get the 3 count and the win. This was a nice back and forth match that furthered the story of Kidd making his way back to the top and Bo being frustrated that he cannot get another shot at the NXT title.

In a first round match for the NXT womens title tournament Bayley went one on one with Sasha Banks. Sasha went straight to work on Bayley with a shoulder block in the corner and a snapmare, Bayley fought back with a series of pin attempts. Bayley hugged Sasha and drove her into the corner and beat away on her back and followed up with a suplex for a 2 count. Sasha hit a big slap on Bayley followed by a dropkick. Bayley came back with a back drop and followed up with shots to Sasha a clothesline in the corner and the hugplex but Sasha rolled out the ring. Sasha came back in and hit her bankrupt neckbreaker for a 2 count. Sasha hit a back stabber and floated over into a submission hold for the win. This was another good match from the NXT divas. It’s great that Bayley always incorporates hugs into the moves and Sasha is showing how good she is the ring.

Adam Rose was in action next as he took on Danny Burch. Rose played up to the crowd before the match which Burch didn’t look impressed about. The crowd chanted ‘We are rose buds’ and ‘Party time’. Rose got put in a wrist lock but rolled out and continued rolling around the ring. Burch hit a kick to the gut and sent Rose into the turnbuckle but it made Rose mad and he came back with a series of shots, an elbow in the corner and finished Burch off with a headlock driver for the win. As Rose celebrated with his posse Camacho attacked one of the party goers. The crowd chanted ‘Party pooper’ at him. Rose is so over with the crowd. It’s such a fun gimmick and I cannot wait for him to debut on Raw on Monday.

Natalya and Layla faced off in a first round NXT womens title tournament match. Layla danced to distract Natalya and took advantage but Natalya out wrestled Layla to gain the advantage. Layla gained the advantage back with hard shots to Nattie and went for a surfboard stretch. Nattie fought up and hit a clothesline and followed up with a suplex and hit a discus clothesline and went for the sharpshooter but Layla kicked her off. Natalya came back and magaed to lock in the sharpshooter this time for the submission win.

Oliver Grey was in action next taking on Mojo Rawley. Grey went to work clubbing on Rawley’s back but Mojo came back with his speed to hit 2 splashes in the corner a rear view and the hyperdrive to get the quick win. After the match Aiden English came out and said he’s made a decision to stop the fools and Mojo is the fool. English got in the ring and attacked Mojo but Mojo knocked English out the ring and he retreated. This was just the usual Mojo squash match but it will be nice to see him in a rivalry with English and see what he can do in a longer match.

In the main event for the night Brodus Clay challenged Adrian Neville for the NXT title in a no DQ match. Clay took the title off Neville but Neville jumped him sent Clay to the outside and hit a somersault plancha. Neville took him back in the ring and went to work on Clay with kicks and using his speed to gain the advantage. Neville hit a big dropkick in the corner and hit elbows to Clay and went to the top and came off with a crossbody but Clay just pushed him away. Clay took control and beat away on Neville and hit a fisherman suplex for a 2. Clay used his size to overpower Neville and work on his ribs. Neville fought back with a rake to the eyes and a chop block and followed up with a dropkick to the knee and another to the side of the head. Clay hit a head butt and followed up with a powerbomb. Clay hit a big splash off the 2nd rope for a 2 count. Clay went to the outside and took the NXT title and ran at Neville but Neville kicked the belt back into Clay’s face and hit the red arrow on to Clay for the win. This was a fun little match, probably my favourite Brodus Clay match I’ve seen.

This episode of NXT seemed to be very rushed with 6 matches in a 45 minute show but they are now heading towards NXT Takeover and need to get the storylines in place for that event in the next 3 weeks. It’s good to see the divas getting 2 matches with the title tournament taking place as the divas always put on nice matches better than you see on the main roster. If it was up to me I would have cut 1 of the matches out this week and given all of them that little bit more time.