Dan Hallam: NXT Views 11/05/2014


NXT started with a first round match in the womens title tournament with Emma taking on Charlotte. Match started with a lock up and Charlotte overpowered Emma to the corner. Emma took Charlotte down and got a 1 count. Emma jumped to the apron and Charlotte knocked her off and rolled her back in for a cover. Charlotte locked in a figure 4 headlock on Emma, Emma reversed with a bridge to pin Charlotte’s shoulders to the match so she had to break the hold to kick out. Charlotte locked in another figure 4 headlock on Emma. Emma got out the hold but Charlotte whipped her into the corner but Emma hit a boot on Charlotte and knocked her down. Emma pulled out Vemma from her boot and Sasha Banks jumped onto the apron and was met with a Cobra strike but the distraction allowed Charlotte to get the Charlotte’s web roll up to get the pin and advance in the tournament. This was another good showing from the Divas. Charlotte is improving in the ring and showing off her athletic ability and Emma was as entertaining as ever.

Up next is tag team action as the Legionaires of Syvester Lefort and the debuting Marcus Louie against El Local and the debuting Kalisto. Local and Fefort started out with Lefort making a quick pin and Louie taking control. The Frenchmen made quick tags to maintain the advantage over Local. Louie locked in a headlock but El Local hit a jaw breaker and a big kick to make the tag to Kalisto who came in with a huge crossbody to Lefort and used his speed to take control. Kalisto hit an Asia DDT for a 2 but Louie broke it up. Kalisto took Louie out the ring and hit a big kick on Lefort for the win. This was a nice match with 2 debuting starts getting a nice showing. It’s nice that they have put 2 new teams together as they are lacking actually tag teams in NXT. I’m not sure if Kalisto and El Local will continue to team or if it was a one off but the Legionaires appear as if they will be a permanent team.

Camacho made his way to the ring for a match with Captain Comic who is the Rose Bud that Camacho attacked last week. Camacho went straight to work with a dropkick and stiff shots to him and a delayed back suplex followed by a big leg drop. Captain Comic tried to fight back but Camacho knocked him back down and continued to beat away on him and lock in a chin lock. Comic fought out the hold but was taken back down with a headlock and a samoan drop. Camacho finished him off with a running power slam for the 3. After the match Camacho went to continue his attack but Adam Rose ran out to chase Camacho away. This was just a way to continue the rivalry between Rose and Camacho without them having a match.

In the final first round match in the womens title tournament Alicia Fox goes one on one with the debuting Alexa Bliss who appears to have a fairy like attire and has a degree in bedazzling according to the announcers. Lock up with Fox taking control and taking Bliss down but Bliss fought back with a kick in the corner and a standing moonsault. Fox with a knee to the gut and a backbreaker for a 1 count. Fox locked in a chin lock but Bliss fought up but Fox took her down with a suplex for a 2. Fox with a headlock take down but Bliss fought back up and hit some kicks and forearm shots came off the ropes with a tilt-a-whirl into a small package for the 3 count. Bliss showed that she has some talent with what she was able to do in the ring. She has a strange gimmick dressing as a fairy for her entrance and blowing ‘fairy dust’ out her hands. At only 5’1 she has a different look as she is so small and will be good to see what she can do in the ring in the future.

The main event for the night is a battle royal to become the number 1 contender for the NXT Title. It looked like everyone was in the match and the crowd were chanting for Yoshi Tatsu. Brodus Clay quickly eliminated Oliver Gray and Curt Hawkins. Everyone in the ring worked together to eliminate Clay. Mason Ryan gorilla pressed Aiden English out the ring to eliminate him. Back from break and the ring was a lot emptier and the crowd were still going wild for Yoshi Tatsu. Sylvester Lefort and Kalsito eliminated each other. Xaiver Woods and Camacho traded chops in the middle of the ring, Woods chopped Camacho to the ropes and ran in with a big clothesline which took them both out of the match. Jason Jordan reversed an attack from Mojo to send him over the top rope. Jordan was then eliminated by Corbin who was then taken out by Bo Dallas. Yoshi went after Bo but Bo eliminated him which wasn’t popular with the crowd. Bo then took out Mason Ryan and Big Bas before he was eliminated by Tyson Kidd to a big pop from the crowd taking us to the final 3 of Kidd, Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn. The crowd chanted ‘tahnk you Tyson’ for eliminating Bo. Breeze hit the beauty shot on Kidd and tried to pull him to his feet but culdn’t. Breeze went after Zayn and tried to eliminate but Zayn bounced back off the ropes and threw Breeze onto the apron but Breeze got back in the ring. Zayn went for a kick but Breeze ducked him sending him over the top rope to the apron. Breeze back body dropped Kidd over the top rope but he hung on. Kidd tried to skin the cat but caught Breeze and pulled him over the top rope with a head scissors onto Zayn which knocked all 3 men to the floor landing together. Triple H came out to the stage and announced a triple threat match for next week. Battle royals always seem a bit boring to start with as the ring is too full. It was good to see Bo Dallas get a run of eliminations gaining him a lot of heat witht eh crowd leading to his elimination for a big pop. I enjoyed the ending which although the who’s feet hit first thing has been down so many times it one seemed original with the 3 men involved and they did it in way that would actually cause all of them to land together rather than some I’ve seen in the past where 1 person clearly jumps off the apron or who landed first seems obvious. It was a nice finish to the match and set up what should be a fun match for next week.

It was another good show this week and it didn’t seem too rushed like last weeks show. With 3 new stars debuting this week and a new tag team on the roster it looks like with Bo, Rose, Emma and Paige all moving up to Raw and Smackdown they will have suitable replacements on NXT. Kalisto impressed me with his high flying and Marcus Louie should be a good fit in a heel tag team with Sylvester Lefort. Alexa Bliss seems like a unique character which will set her apart from the other Divas in WWE.