Gorilla Report Season 4 Announcement!!


The Gorilla Report is delighted to announce the first name for their latest season. After weeks of anticipation, Ollie Harper, the presenter and owner of the show, has announced that Brian Kendrick will be appearing on the show.

We all remain optimistic that this is only the beginning of massive names, for the new season, it is also rumoured that there are some other big names already in the works, check The Gorilla Report’s Facebook page for any future name announcements.

To fill you in, both LockUP and The Gorilla Report work hand in hand, in a mission to help deliver you amazing wrestling content. We look forward to our ever growing relationship with The Gorilla Report, and we will continue to offer our greatest support to their product, as Ollie will to LockUP.

Trust me, this season is going to be massive.