Dan Hallam: NxT views 19/05/14


NXT opened with the tag team champions The Ascension in action against Buddy Murphy and Alias Sampson. Viktor went straight to work on Buddy and made a quick tag to Conor who stomped away on Buddy. Viktor tagged back in and knocked Sampson off the apron and hit the fall of man on Buddy to get the quick win. I think Regal put it best when he said he’d like to see them face some real competition. Conor took the mic and said they have laid waste to every team in NXT and Viktor said they want something new to destroy. El Local and Kalisto came out and said they are something new and are issuing a challenge to them. It’ll be nice to see The Ascension in a match that isn’t a squash match against 2 unknown wrestlers.

Sami Zayn was interviewed on the triple threat match tonight and he said earlier this year he was obsessed at earning Cesaro’s respect and he was obsessed with taking the NXT title off Bo Dallas but he failed. He is obsessed with winning the NXT title and he can get one step closer to earning that chance tonight.

Alexa Bliss made her way to the ring for a semi-final match in the womens title tournament against Charlotte. Alexa jumped on Charlottes back to start the match. Charlotte back her into the corner and Alexa went up to the 2nd rope and jumped over her and went for the tilt-a-whirl small package but Charlotte kicked out. Charlotte went to work on Alexa chocking her on the ropes and locking in an abdominal stretch but Alexa reversed out and went for a pin for a 2. Charlotte put Alexa in the tree of woe and hit a kick to the git for a 2. Charlotte locked in another abdominal stretch but Alexa faught out and rolled Charlotte up and followed up with some kicks, Bliss got caught but reversed it into a sun set flip. Charlotte came back with a back breaker and kept Alexa bent over her knee but Bliss faught out with forearm shots. Charlotte kept the pressure on chocking her on the ropes again and hitting another backbreaker. Charlotte finished her off with her ‘bow down to the queen’ finisher to advance to the finals of the tournament at NXT Takeover. It’s nice to see Alexa in the ring for a bit longer with someone who is better than in the ring than Alicia Fox. She looks like she has some good skills and it’ll be nice to see how she improves.

Mojo Rawley ran to the ring for a match with Aiden English who sang his way to the ring. Mojo went straight after English sending him into the corner and then hit a crossbody in the middle of the ring. Mojo went for a tackle but English jumped to the apron and came back in going to work on Mojo beating away on him in the corner. English hit a DDT for a 1 count and went for a chin lock but Mojo fought up to his feet and hit a slam and hit a series of clotheslines followed by 2 splashes in the corner a rear view and his hyperdrive finisher for the win. It’s nice to see Mojo in a slightly longer match. Hopefully he’ll get a match with a bigger star and have a decent longer match. It’s a shame to see Aiden English isn’t being featured as much as he used to be.

Angelo Dawkins was in the ring for a match with Big Cas Colin Cassidy. Lock up and Cas hit some big knees to the gut and a club to the back. Cas hit some big shots In the corner. CJ Parker came down to ringside with a sign that read ‘No Xtra Toxins’. Cas hit a big slam and sent Dawkins into the turnbuckle. Cas hit a big back elbow for a 2 count. Cas hit another big slam followed up with an elbow drop for another near fall. Dawkins fought back with shots to Cas and a big dropkick but Cas took him down big a high knee, hit a big boot and finished him off with his ‘east river crossing’ finisher. Cas has been improving lately and I can’t wait for Enzo Amore to return and start teaming with him again as they are such an entertaining team.

Bo Dallas went to JBL with letters from all his Bolievers demanding he gets another title shot. JBL said that if Bo wins his next match he will get a title shot but if he loses he leaves NXT forever. Bo asked who is opponent will be. JBL said it will be Big E. Bo said that’s fantastic because he’s undefeated against Big E and he beat him to become NXT Champion.

Tyson Kidd made his way to the ring for tonight’s triple threat main event for the NXT number 1 contendership. Tyler Breeze strutted his way to the ring next followed by Sami Zayn. Tyson got the advantage early with a double dropkick and took Zayn to the corner. Breeze sent Kidd to the outside and went to work on Zayn. Zayn fought back but Breeze sent him back to the corner but Zayn hit a leg lariat. Kidd came back in but Zayn hit a dropkick. Breeze hit the beauty shot on Zayn out of nowhere and went for the pin but Kidd broke it up. Back from break and Zayn caught Breeze for an exploder suplex and Kidd got Zayn for a german suplex and all 3 of them went down with it. Kidd and Zayn both got to their feet and hit each other with shots. Kidd ducked one and locked in the sharpshooter on Zayn, Zayn fought his way to the ropes but Kidd pulled him back to the middle, Breeze hit a superkick on Kidd to break up the hold and went for the pin for a 2 count. The crowd started chanting ‘all 3 guys’ to show the respect they have for all of them. Breeze was up first and clotheslined Kidd to the outside and went after Zayn but was met with an exploder suplex to the turnbuckle for a 2 count. Zayn grabbed Breeze’s hand and chopped him and jumped up to the top but Breeze knocked him off and got a near fall. Kidd hit a kick from the apron to Breeze and went to the top but Breeze hit him to knock him down but Zayn ran in with a helluva kick on Breeze and went after Kidd but Kidd dumped him to the outside and hit a diving elbow on Breeze for the 3 count and the win. Zayn was a second late at breaking up the pin but didn’t quite make it and looked really disappointed. This was a good match which made all 3 guys look credible and look like anyone could have won it. It’ll be nice to see the match between Neville and Kidd. It’s great to see that the main event picture on NXT consists of all cruiserweight wrestlers. For a company that is known for loving big men it’s great to see that the 4 guys at the top of the card in NXT are Neville, Kidd, Zayn and Breeze and hopefully shows that going forward in WWE you don’t have to be a big guy to make it to the top.

NXT Takeover really seems to be taking shape now with Kidd v Neville for the title, Charlotte v the winner of Sasha Banks/Natayla in the womens title tournament finals and The Ascension v Kalisto and El Local. I am really looking forward to Takeover and what should be as good as Arrival was.