Dan Hallam: NXT Views 25/05/14


NXT opened with Bo Dallas making his way to the ring in a match where if he wins he gets a future NXT Championship match but if he loses he leaves NXT forever. Bo cut a promo on how he has taught his Bolievers to never give up and follow their dreams and tonight he can do that because NXT was built on Bolieving. He looks into the audience and he doesn’t see fans he sees family and he promising he will never leave NXT because he is Mr NXT. Big E made his way to the ring and the crowd chanted 5. Bo went for a headlock but E overpowered him and sent him out the ring. E knocked Bo down with a shoulder block and pounded away on Bo and hit punches in the corner and Bo rolled out the ring. Big E followed him out and hit Bo’s head off the apron and sent him back in but Bo rolled through to the other side and took E down with a kick to the knee and hit Big E’s head off the steps and rolled him back in the ring for a 1 count. Bo pounded on E and went for another pin and locked in a chin lock. Back from the break and Big E hit a big shoulder block in the corner but Bo took him down and got a 2 count. Bo hit a series of elbows followed with a big clothesline for a 2. Bo went for a whip but E blocked it and sent Bo into the corner and took him down with quick clotheslines and a belly to belly suplex and followed up with his body block and went for the big ending but Bo slipped down behind him and hit a reverse DDT for a 2 count. Bo pounded away on E in the corner and went for his springboard bulldog but E pushed him off and hit a huge belly to belly overhead suplex for 2. Big E went for a splash but Bo got his knees up and Bo hit a double arm DDT for a near fall. Bo took his wrist tape off and chucked it down to distract the ref and pulled down the turnbuckle pad but Big E sent Bo into the exposed turnbuckle, hit a splash in the corner and hit the big ending for the pin and the win. After the match the crowd sang goodbye to Bo as he complained in the ring about how he can’t leave and this is his home. This was a good match and it’s nice to see how much these 2 have improved in the past few years compared to their NXT Title match. I hope Bo has a better run on the main roster than he had before.

Sami Zayn was interviewed on being so close to earning the NXT title match before Tyson Kidd won. Zayn said he won’t let 1 loss stop him. Tyler Breeze walked in and said that Zayn loses and then cries to Devon. Zayn said he should be the one who should be crying as he got pinned. Tyler said that he didn’t pin him so Zayn challenged him to a match and Breeze accepted as long as it’s next week. I look forward to these 2 going at in on NXT Takeover.

Tamina Snuka made her way to the ring for an extreme rules rematch against WWE Divas Champion Paige. Lock up to start with Tamina backing Paige to the corner, Paige came out with forearm shots and a kick which made Tamina mad who sent Paige to the apron, Paige tried to fight back but Tamina took her down. Tamina brought her back in the ring and hit a series of body slams for a 2 count. Tamina hit a shot to the kidneys and locked in a bear hug but Paige fought back but was met with a clothesline. Tamina hit more shots to the kidneys and put Paige in a torture rack, Paige hit elbows to Tamina’s jaw to break the hold and sent her into the corner and hit shots in the corner followed up with clothesline and a high knee. Paige hit a kick but Tamina picked her up but her on the top rope and knocked her off to the floor. Tamina brought Paige back into the ring and went to the top rope and went for the superfly splash but Paige got her knees up and rolled Tamina up for the win.

Camacho made his way to the ring followed by his opponent Adam Rose along his with Rose buds. Rose ran straight at Camacho but he was sent to the corner and Camacho got some shots in. Rose moved into the ropes and did his rose peddle dance in the ropes and ran in at Camacho and hit some shots, sent him to the corner and hit some more shots but Camacho reversed it into a samoan drop. Camacho beat on Rose in the corner but Rose tried to fight back but Camacho hit a big suplex and a knee drop for a 2. Camacho continued to beat on Rose sending him into the turnbuckle but it made Rose mad and he fought back hit some shots a chop and a big spinebuster. Rose hit a big elbow in the corner followed by a bronco buster type move. Rose went for the party fall but Camacho pushed him away and went to the outside and got himself counted out.

Sasha Banks made her way to the ring for a semi-finals match in the NXT womens titles tournament against Natalya. Lock up but Sasha pushed Nattie so Nattie chased Sasha off and hit a dragon screw for a 1 count. Nattie locked in a chin lock and followed up with shoulder block. Sasha went for a wheelbarrow roll up but Nattie reversed it into a pin attempted of her own. Nattie moved to the corner and Sasha showed her mean side beating on Nattie. Sasha locked in a chin lock and when Nattie started fighting out she hit a knee to her back. Nattie backed Sasha into the corner and hit a butterfly suplex but Sasha sent her into the turnbuckle and went for a bulldog but Nattie reversed it and sent Sasha to the outside and she hurt her leg. Charlotte told Sasha to get in the ring and helped her up and but he in the ring and Nattie locked in the sharpshooter for the win. This sets up what could be a very good match with 2 Divas who have the business in their blood with Charlotte v Natalya to crown the new Womens champion next week at NXT takeover.

Curt Hawkins made his way to the ring for the main event followed by his opponent the NXT Champion Adrian Neville. Lock up with Hawkins taking Neville down with a headlock takeover but Neville got back up and locked in his own headlock but Hawkins came back with a clothesline to the back and hit a suplex for a 1. Hawkins locked in a chin lock. Neville fought back up with punches and kicks to take Hawkins down. Neville went to the top and hit a big missile dropkick and followed up with an elbow in the corner and went back to the top and hit the red arrow for the win. After the match Tyson Kidd came to the ring and congratulated Neville on the win and said that next week the NXT Title will be his. Kidd gave some facts such as he’s been on Raw, he’s a former WWE tag team champion and he’s had a wrestlemania moment and winning the NXT title his how he’s going to get back there. Neville said that NXT is the future and he is the future and at takeover the only member of his family who will be winning gold will be Natalya.

NXT Takeover looks like it’s going to be a great show next week with Kidd v Neville for the NXT Title, The Ascension v Kalisto and El Local for the tag team titles, Natalya v Charlotte for the vacant womens title, Adam Rose v Camacho and Sami Zayn v Tyler Breeze to name the new number 1 contender. With the matches they have announced it should be a stacked show and could even be better than NXT Arrival was.